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Tips-for-Getting-Better-Followers-on-Twitter - Infintech Designs Feb 14, 2015

Tips for Getting Better Followers on Twitter

Having a lot of followers on Twitter comes along with many benefits. As the number of followers that you have increases, the amount of attention that will be brought to your profile in terms of retweets, media attention and higher Klout scores will also increase. However, this is only possible if the individuals that are following your account are real people and are active with other members of your industry. So what can you do to improve the odds of obtaining followers that are good quality followers? Here are a few tips to help you get better followers on Twitter.

Don’t Buy Followers

While it may seem to be an obvious rule not to pay for followers, many companies are still doing it. Unfortunately these followers are often not real followers and are just accounts created by the service that you are paying. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised when these same followers unfollow your account, or worse, start sending out spam. Wouldn’t you rather have followers that you know are real people rather than a bunch of spammers following your account?

Figure Out a Plan to Reach Your Goal

Before you figure out just how many followers you want, it is more important to think about why you want all of those followers. If your goal is to increase sales or get potential customers engaged with your content, getting more followers can help only if those people are interested in your messages. Create a messaging plan based around what potential customers want and your account will begin to attract these individuals with promotion of your social media account.

Follow Back Sparingly

While many people simply follow back every person that follows their account on Twitter, this may not be the best strategy for attracting better quality followers. Figure out exactly which of your followers would be interested in what your company has to offer and then unfollow all of the rest. By doing this, your account will appear to be linked only to accounts in your industry and you can reduce the instances of spammers who follow your account only because they assume that you will follow back.

Promote Your Social Media Account

Promoting your social media account is by far the best way that you can control the quality of the followers that follow you on Twitter. An internet marketing firm can help you to locate all of the best sites and methods of promotions you can use to attract followers to your Twitter account. Promotion of your social media account will involve several different methods of attracting interest to your profile. In addition, adding in offline marketing strategies such as business cards and flyers can help to bring better followers to your Twitter account.

If you need assistance with improving the quality of your followers on Twitter, Infintech Designs can help. Request a free quote for social media marketing services today!

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