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Tracking-Your-Social-Media-Marketing-Campaign - Infintech Designs Jul 14, 2014

Tracking Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you are utilizing social media marketing in order to attract new business or to keep your existing customers engaged, it is essential that you track your progress. There are a number of tools available on the market today that will allow you to track you social media marketing campaign. In addition, it is also important that you track your campaign over a long period of time to ensure that you are indeed making decisions based on sound data. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Determine Which Metrics to Track
Social media marketing campaigns are all different depending on the specifics of the campaigns. However, there are some general metrics that should always be tracked. If the goal for your campaign is to increase exposure, then you need to work on optimizing your content to get more people to share it. You should also make sure that you optimize your social media profiles for SEO so that they rank as highly as possible. In order to track the success of such a campaign, track the number of sign ups to your newsletters, track your Google Analytics data and finally you should make sure that you tweak the campaign accordingly to ensure that you stay on track for meeting your goals.

If the goal is to increase sales or sign ups, installing tracking scripts on your landing pages is the best place to start. There are a number of tools available online that can help you to track your conversion rates. As you track the number of sign ups or sales, you should also make sure that you are split testing your landing pages and other sales content. This will ensure that you obtain the highest conversion rate possible.

Stick With It Over the Long Term
It is important not to forget that you need to continue tracking your progress over the long term. As you execute your campaign, the longer that you track the results, the more data you will have to rely on when determining how to best manage your social media marketing campaign.

Also you may find that the initial data that you collected varies great from the total picture after you have been tracking the campaign for a significant period of time. Don’t let yourself tweak your campaign before you have had the opportunity to really take a look at what has taken place over the course of your campaign. Social media marketing success is all about making informed decisions based on significant data.

Social media marketing analytics are essential to helping you determine where your strategy should be adjusted. With the rising costs of social media marketing, not tracking your marketing campaign’s progress means that you are probably simply throwing money out of the window. Instead, you should invest in social media marketing tools to help you to track the analytics for your campaign so that you can obtain the best results possible.

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