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Transactional-E-Mail-Using-Actions-to-Generate-Actions - Infintech Designs Dec 02, 2013

Transactional E-Mail: Using Actions to Generate Actions

Unlike marketing e-mail, sent to potential clients to make them aware of what you have and why they should get it from you, transactional e-mails are sent in response to something a customer or potential customer has already done. Transactional e-mails are very efficient – because the customer has already had some interaction with your company, they’re more likely to read the e-mail than to send it to the spam folder. Whether the recipient has made a recent purchase, or simply visited your site and registered for information, there’s already a connection you can grow into a full relationship.

Some transactional e-mails can be automated so your website responds quickly to specific customer situations. Say, for example, your already-registered customer forgets her password. She clicks the “forgot password” link. That should be enough to trigger a personalized e-mail from the website, an already-written message that can be auto-customized by dropping in the customer’s name (based off site records connected to her user name). Don’t just send a reset link or computer-generated temporary password; take the opportunity to thank the customer for giving you the opportunity to help, make sure she knows she’s welcome to contact you any time, for any concern, and you hope to hear from her again.

If you have a physical, brick-and-mortar store in addition to your website, try to offer the customer the option of having a receipt e-mailed after a purchase, instead of one printed in-store. Reduces your cost on paper rolls, eliminates the inconvenience to the customer of keeping track of a small piece of paper, and it’s a “green” step besides – a win-win-win all the way around.

One of the most important uses of a well-done transactional e-mail is when a new person who has not yet interacted with your company comes to your website and registers. This is your “first impression” opportunity. Your website has made a good enough impression for you so far, now take the next step. Make sure all new registrants get a “Welcome” e-mail to say you’re glad they came, happy they signed up, and you hope they’ll be back often. People like to be noticed, greeted, and made to feel welcome. They’ll come back if they feel wanted, move on if they don’t.

Mind your manners – don’t forget to say “thank you!” When a customer makes a purchase, he or she should always receive, preferably within seconds of the order being processed, a customized, personalized thank you e-mail. This could be a deal-breaker on any future purchases. You’re not selling widgets, you’re selling feeling good about buying your widgets, and showing that you appreciate the customer’s purchase makes him feel good.

While most people do appreciate transactional e-mails, you should provide an “unsubscribe” option, to show consideration for those few who might not. They may come back as long as they know they’re free to leave if they want.

Overall, one thing you’ll need is a responsive website that can react swiftly to customer interactions and contacts. Unless website design is what you do, you should consider getting a professional, like, to work with you. They can help you set up a site that can generate a custom response to about any interaction, make the site, and your company, look good and do it all for a price well within your budget. Initial consultations are free, so you can discover what we can do for you before you invest a penny. In a competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can get to put your company one step ahead of the pack.

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