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Twitter-Doesnt-Change-140-Character-Limit - Infintech Designs May 07, 2016

Twitter Decides Not to Change 140 Character Limit

Recently, Twitter announced that it would not make changes to its classic 140 character tweet length. Although there were rumors that the site would make tweets long form, this idea has since been scrapped. However, this does not mean that there aren’t some changes on the horizon for how tweets will be displayed in site users’ timelines. Here are some of the other recent changes that Twitter has undergone and how you should update your social media strategy.


In the past year, Twitter has made some dramatic changes to its platform including the introduction of Moments. Moments is a feature that makes Twitter work more like a news site by creating automatic compilations of tweets that are related to a major event into one accessible section. That way, the top headlines and viral events that often occur on Twitter can be viewed by users in real time so that they no longer have to deal with the noise that often comes along with tracking a hashtag. A recent update has also been implemented that is designed to improve this feature for mobile users.

The company has decided to use Google’s open source AMP Project, which delivered lightweight web pages on mobile devices that are designed to load faster while still offering premium features, such as analytics and ads.

GIF Search

Twitter has also added a gif search to its list of features that was announced back in February using the hashtag “#GIFparty.” The searchable GIF library is designed to make it easier to embed GIFs in your Tweets.

The GIF library can be searched by keyword or by category so that users can find the perfect GIF. In addition to using the GIFs in tweets, they can also be used in direct messages. The searchable GIF library includes GIF files from Giphy and Riffsy.

Quality Content Is More Important Than Ever

With these changes, this means that there will be a greater emphasis on creating quality content for Twitter. The updates demonstrate that users care about quality and they want to be able to deliver the best possible content to users. By taking advantage of this opportunity to improve your tweets by including more video and images, you have the potential to increase engagement with your content this is according to Infintech Designs, a company providing trusted content marketing strategies. In addition, quality content tends to last longer, which means that there will be additional opportunities for it to be discovered by your followers. Content marketing companies are also updating their strategies to keep up with the changes, not just on Twitter, but other social platforms as well. 

Personalize Your Tweets

These changes also highlight the importance of personalization when it comes to social media content. The majority of social media users are no longer satisfied with seeing you post generic content. Instead, you will need to post highly unique and personalized content to drive engagement from your followers. This means that you have to use your tweets as an opportunity to provide an inside look at your business and to demonstrate your brand’s personality. To get the best results from Twitter, create tweets that provide a perspective that users can not possibly find elsewhere.

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