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Month: May 2012

Microsoft and Facebook vs. the Google Behemoth

Microsoft recently announced a major update of the Bing search engine website that it claims will transform the way users search the web1. Microsoft says that this is the biggest change to Bing since they launched the search engine three years ago. It introduces a new snap shot feature that replicates Google’s Rich Snippets, and social integration with Facebook that allows users to access their

Using Social Media to Provide Another Layer of Customer Service

The enormous increase in the use of social media has opened up all sorts of opportunities that were likely not even imagined during the creation of the technology. The key for resourceful users is to maximize the potential impact of their content in a way other users are not. For many businesses or individuals offering services to the public, this can be achieved by using the various available

Google’s Penguin Update is Good for Bloggers

Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm again, and continues with its forward thinking goal of producing results pages that return the best user experience possible. This latest update, dubbed Penguin, is aimed at blatant SEO abusers and like the last major update in January 2011, Panda, it is intended to reward sites with high quality content with good positions in the SERPs.

Business Continuity Planning- The IT Disaster Survival Strategy

Most businesses now, even the smallest ones, are reliant on their computer network to run their business. Just the internal data that a business uses, such as the accounts and customer contact details, can be difficult to rebuild or replace if some IT disaster were to put your computers offline, but reestablishing your corporate website or the internet marketing software that you are using can be

How Timeline has Changed Facebook Brand Pages?

Facebook changed their page layouts to the new Timeline format earlier this year, and it has been a very controversial subject amongst users of the site, as well as with the internet marketing community online. While many of Facebook’s 845 million1 users were unhappy about the change, just as many were satisfied with the new format and the features that it made available, like pinned and

Choosing a Great WordPress Theme

Of the 644 million1 active websites on the internet at the moment, over 73 million2 of them were created using WordPress. It is, by far, the most popular web design software available at the moment with as many as 22% of new active websites3 being powered by WordPress. It is being used on five times4 as many sites as its nearest rival, Joomla. The reason why WordPress is such a dominant force in

Online Reviews are Vital to Small Business

Collecting good reviews for your business should be a part of your long term internet marketing strategy, and encouraging your satisfied customers to leave a positive comment on one of the internet business directories to bolster your online reputation is a constructive way to build your ranking in the SERPs. Internet marketing is becoming more important to small business as a means of

Features Give WordPress the Edge Over the Rest

WordPress is the most popular blog creation software in use today with over 73 million websites built using the script1. That is over twice the estimated use of its nearest rival Content Management System (CMS), Joomla, which estimates put at somewhere between 10 and 30 million sites. There are a number of reasons why so many people use WordPress to build their websites but the main difference

Are Your Links Unnatural?

In late April, Google launched the latest major update to their search algorithm, dubbed Penguin. Google makes hundreds of updates like this every year but this one has caused a major shakeup in SEO, as many pages that were ranking well in the SERPs had suddenly lost their ranking due in a large part to the kinds of links that were used to place the website there in the first place. The focus at

Mobile Search Trends Indicate That Local Search Is the Future

How we use the internet has changed greatly in recent years, mostly due to two major contributing factors: the evolution of Web 2.0 social media, and the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices. Internet users are now just as likely to be on their iPhone as their PC, and are using social media and local directory and review sites to influence their purchasing decisions. One fifth1 of all

Tablets, Smartphones & Strategy

The use of mobile marketing such as tablets and smartphones are on the rise. What does the increase in mobile marketing mean for small business owners? As a social marketing agency, it’s our job to keep an eye on Internet marketing which includes SEO. One fact has become increasingly clear to us: using websites as a mobile marketplace or optimizing content isn’t really understood by many

The Benefits of Social Media Management Software

Almost two thirds of businesses, especially smaller businesses, are spending up to ten hours a week on social media marketing. Predominantly that social media time is spread unevenly across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, Google+ and, increasingly, on Pinterest. A really active online marketer might also add a forum or two and do some social bookmarking to that list. The engagement

The Value of Using High Quality Images

The internet is a highly visual medium where information can be easily communicated at a glance because of its ability to mix the variety of formats that it displays. Images make up an important part of every website and they are much more useful than their decorative value alone. Used well, high quality images can add value to your website for both customers and the search engines at the same

Six Vital Features of Every Business Website

A company website is the foundation that internet marketing is built on, and all of the online marketing methods like PPC ads and social media pitches lead potential customers back to it. In the past, a simple static page with a sales spiel and a few pictures of products was a sufficient effort. As the internet has evolved, so has the form that corporate websites have taken. While it isn’t

Managing Your Online Reputation

If you have been using the internet for any length of time, you will have an online reputation. Even businesses that don’t have their own website may have dozens of references to them and their services that they aren’t aware of. As the majority of people now use the internet to research their options before making a purchase, not managing your online reputation may be costing you customers.

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