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Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Mobile - Infintech Designs Feb 23, 2016

5 Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Mobile

These days most of the consumption of online content is done from a mobile device. Unfortunately, many PPC advertisers have yet to take advantage of this change by shifting their focus to optimizing their PPC campaign for mobile devices. By failing to optimize for mobile, these advertisers are increasing their costs and are creating terrible experiences for their mobile users. Here are five tips to optimize your PPC campaign for mobile according to Infintech Designs – providing trusted mobile marketing service in New Orleans.

Use Ad Customization

The way in which people use mobile devices is very different from how users interact on mobile devices. As a result, you will need to focus on ad customization so that your ads will display effectively on mobile devices. Ad customizers can change the text of your ads according to the searcher’s behavior by adding sale end countdowns, special pricing, inventory details and location-based information.

Use Mobile Bid Adjustments

Mobile bid adjustments permit you to change the amounts of your mobile bid based on their value to you. Google Adwords permits you to specify a mobile bid adjustment at the campaign level or at the ad group level. In addition, you should set your bids at a percentage of what you would pay for desktop bids to optimize your campaign.

Send Users to Mobile Friendly Pages

When visitors click on your ads, you should make sure that you send them to landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices. This can dramatically increase your conversion rates. In addition, you should also make sure that you let the user know that the page is mobile-friendly by putting a designation in the URL, such as “”

Use Mobile Ads to Drive Phone Leads

If your site is not optimized for mobile by default, then there is no sense in sending leads to your website only to lose clicks. Instead, you can use your mobile ads to drive phone leads by including a phone number in the ad. In addition, Google AdWords permits you to add a call number to your ads by using Call Extensions. The Call Extension inserts a call button in your ad that users can use to place a one-click call to your designated number via a smartphone.

Use Modified Broad Match Bidding

To improve the success of your PPC campaign, you should do keyword optimization by using exact match and modified broad match bidding. Modified broad match bidding permits you to take advantage of long-tail keyword searches. Using broad match alone is not recommended because it can result in some keyword search terms that are not effective for your campaign.

Optimizing your campaign for mobile can seem a bit more difficult. However, by taking the steps to refine your campaign, you can enjoy success on mobile campaigns as well.

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