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How a Mobile Website can Boost Your Conversion Rates

Have you heard about other small businesses that have updated their website to be more mobile friendly and wondered why or if you need to also? This is the case for a large number of small business owners. While your business may already have a website, being able to navigate around it on the small screen of a Smartphone or any other mobile device may not always be the easy, pleasant experience you want your visitors to have with your brand. For that reason, mobile websites have increased significantly in popularity both among businesses and consumers.

A mobile website is one that is designed to be easier to navigate through on the small screens of Smartphones, tablets and now mini-tablets. When a visitor arrives on your mobile website, they do not have to wait as long for a page to load because their Smartphone cannot handle the large amount of data that most websites consist of, and the display changes to make known where to click far easier.

With a mobile website, conversion rates from people visiting your website get a much needed boost. Here’s why:

  • Your users stay on your website for longer – When your users can navigate your website easily, they are more likely to stay where they are to get the information they need from you or to explore your product. This is the case because mobile websites are designed specifically for the way people peruse the website – with their thumbs and fingers. When your mobile website has large buttons making it easy to click further, you make it simple for people to do what they need to in order to find the information they were looking for when they arrived.
  • You can encourage certain actions more easily – With buttons that are bigger and easier to click your website gets a limited amount of space. This means that the design inherently puts the most important and most performed actions in easy to read format. When people have fewer decisions to make, they are more likely to perform the actions you set forth for them. This can be signing up for a free trial, directing people to a certain style of clothing that you want them to purchase or whatever else your goal is. Depending on your business model and offering, you can design your mobile website to encourage your customers on a specific path.
  • You keep people looking at your brand instead of turning to a competitor – In a recent study done by Compuware, as many as 40% of mobile users switched from one company’s website to a competitor’s after having to deal with a poorly designed website for their mobile device. Consumers have come to expect mobile websites from the businesses they work with, large or small, and if your website does not deliver when they try to access it on their Smartphone while out and about, they are very likely to start looking elsewhere for the information, products or services they need.
  • You catch people when they are most interested in what you are offering – If somebody is searching through your website while they are out and about and they are ready to buy, so you want them to be able to do that without any further hassle. A mobile website can help harness these people and not rely on them to come back for your product or service later when they may be less ready to purchase.

Businesses of all sizes are making the shift to mobile technology. By keeping things as easy for your customers as possible, you can encourage conversion rates and give your sales a boost. Talk to us at Infintech Designs to take the plunge with a mobile website today.

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