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Vital Pieces of Information for Your Business Facebook Page - Infintech Designs Jun 11, 2013

5 Vital Pieces of Information for Your Business Facebook Page

Your business’ Facebook page is a reflection of your business’ personality, vision and mission. You want your page to be compelling and exciting enough to draw your customers there. You want it to be interesting enough after that first glance to keep them there. So what should you put on your Facebook page? Here are the vital pieces of information that your page should not be without.

Strike a Pose
A picture can conjure up memories, thoughts and feelings. They can spark ideas and movements. If you want your page to be successful at all, you must use imagery. The most important image on your page is your profile picture. You’d be surprised at the number of businesses that never upload a picture at all. There are several options available for your profile picture, ranging from a photo of yourself, a photo of the business, or perhaps a logo that helps users easily recognize your business and brand. Make sure the photo looks clear and professional. Put your best foot forward.

Top it All Off
Facebook’s Timeline feature provides valuable real estate for imagery in their “cover photo” area. You should utilize this to your advantage. Read over Facebook’s guidelines about cover photos to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules. They can’t be deceptive or misleading. The images cannot include more than 20 percent text either. That said; it is a great opportunity to tell your page’s visitors a story about your business through carefully selected images.

About Section
The “About” section of your Facebook page should never be left blank. This space is allotted for you to include a small blurb about your company. It will be on the main page that users see when they find you on Facebook, so it should be descriptive, yet to the point. A link to your website should also go here. When the “About” section is clicked on, it takes users to a page that allows a lengthier description of your business. You should fill this in with a bit of history, some interesting facts about your business, and what you have to offer your customers. The important thing to remember is to focus on the value that you bring to your customers, not what they should do for you. You should also completely fill out the sections with your business’ phone numbers, address, business hours and other contact information.

Put it on the Tab
Facebook allows page users to have any number of tabs they want, but only four can be customized. These are the tabs that your customers will pay the most attention to. Think carefully about what you want to focus on. If your business lends itself to a lot of imagery, “Photos” should be one of your custom tabs. If you hold special events, an “Events” tab can help your customers easily find information about them.

Post Some Content
Before you start asking others to like your page, you should first add some content to it. It may seem counterintuitive to talk to an empty space, but users don’t like to arrive on a page that has no activity. They want to know that it’s buzzing, that something important or relevant is going on, and they want to be part of that. Your posts should contain plenty of pictures, interesting quotes, statistics and special announcements.

For more advice and aid in developing your business’ social media presence, speak to the expert staff of Infintech Designs. Their broad range of experience and depth of knowledge allows for real success, regardless of the focus of your business, your target market, or your industry.

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