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Your Business’ First Week on Twitter – What to do

Twitter has forever changed the way we communicate on the web. While some think trying to constrain their thoughts to 140 characters is too limiting, others find it freeing. You may fall somewhere in the middle, both appreciative for another avenue to promote your business, yet hesitant to engage because you’re not sure what you should do. Communicating in short bursts of messages is a valuable skill to acquire in today’s online marketplace. You won’t master Twitter on your first day or even in your first few months on the site. You can, however, start off on the right foot. Here’s what you need to do during your business’ first week on Twitter.

Set Up Your Profile
Unless your personal name is your brand, you will want your Twitter username to reflect the name of your business. Go to Twitter’s signup page; enter your business name in the “Name” field, followed by the username you want, your email, and a password. Once you’ve completed those steps, you’ll need to navigate to your Profile from the Settings menu. Upload a square version of your business’s logo or another picture that represents your business. Remember to fill out your business’ location, website, and a short bio. First impressions are very important on Twitter, so after you’ve completed your profile, go over it once or twice to ensure the picture looks good, that all the sections have been completed and that your bio is free of grammatical errors.

Start Tweeting
Yes, you should start tweeting before you have followers. Many Twitter users are hesitant to follow someone who doesn’t have a few tweets under their belt. Oftentimes, businesses jump right in trying to get followers before they’ve posted anything useful. Don’t be that business. Start by tweeting some of your own content. Once you have sent a few of those messages, use Twitter’s search function to find content relevant to your business. If you find some interesting, funny or meaningful tweets in your search, share them by hovering over the tweet and clicking on “retweet.” This will be in your favor because it will show potential followers that you want to engage and share.

Build a Slow and Steady Following
Resist the urge to try to get hundreds of followers in your first week on Twitter. This rarely ever happens. Building a following takes time. Those with large followings—true followings—have built them over years. Follow people that you truly find interesting. Follow those that you feel you can offer some value to. Follow those that can provide value to the people to your audience. After all, the people you follow will likely be the people whose content you share with others. During your first week, try following 10-50 people per day, but note that not all of them will follow you back. Don’t take it personally.

Post Consistently
During your first week on the platform, and for the duration of your time on Twitter, you should aim to post consistently. Posting every day is ideal, though not always practical. Try to post at least 4-5 days a week, several times a day during those days. This helps you keep up with the latest news and trends on Twitter, and gives you plenty of opportunity to engage with others and share their content as well as your own. Remember to keep your tone professional, yet interesting, and with a bit of humor. Don’t try to market to your followers all the time. Enjoy the conversations once in a while.

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