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Best Color Palette Smartphone Apps - Infintech Designs May 06, 2013

6 Best Color Palette Smartphone Apps

If you’re a designer, you know you can find color inspiration anywhere. It may strike when you’re at the library, out on the town with friends, or at the park with your kids. It’s hard to remember exactly what those colors look like unless you’re right there in the moment. These six smartphone apps will help you capture those colors by pulling them from the pictures you take in order to create eye-pleasing color palettes.

Android Apps

I Love Color
I Love Color gives Android users access to thousands of colors, patterns and palettes, and is one of the most popular color apps on Google Play. The colors can be shared, used as wallpaper, or used as a background. It is a great app for graphic designers or those who just love color. Color data is pulled from The app is popular even among non-designers for its ability to create simple, yet sophisticated, wallpapers and backgrounds.

Real Color
Real Color generates color palettes from photos to create inspiration based on real life. It is a must-have app for interior designers and web designers. The algorithm automatically generates harmonious color schemes by pulling details from your photos, and generates the full color spectrum from the photo. Users are able to retrieve detailed information about the colors including HEX, RGB and HSB values. Palettes can be saved, exported to Adobe Swatch Exchange, or shared. The pro version, which users can upgrade to within the app, generates palettes based on color theories of complementary, monochromatic and analogous colors.

Color Pal
Color Pal helps Android users find color schemes and palettes for their design projects. The colors include information about their HEX, RGB and CMYK color values. These can be emailed to save for easy reference. Palette data is pulled from Unfortunately, the app does not have the function to export palettes. Unlike I Love Color, this app focuses entirely on color palettes, rather than on backgrounds and patterns. 

iPhone Apps

ColorToy generates color schemes on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Color palettes can be generated, modified and stored. Color Capture mode allows users to capture the colors from their favorite photos and images. The first time the app runs, a random color, called the Key Color, is generated along with a suite of complementary shades. One of the complementary colors can become the new Key Color. Palettes can be saved to the scrapbook or emailed for future reference. 

myPANTONE is one of the more expensive apps for creating color palettes, but it’s also one of the most popular among designers. The app allows the user access to more than 13,000 PANTONE colors to create palettes that can be shared with clients or friends. Users can extract colors from a photo to find the closest PANTONE color, generate color combinations, and email the palettes in both HTML and ASE formats. Users can also print palettes and notify others of the creation of new palettes via Facebook and Twitter.

Palette helps iPhone users create and maintain their favorite color palettes. Colors can be extracted from photos or websites, or added using one of the app’s five models. The app has three versions: Free, Basic and Pro. The Basic and Pro versions allow users to create and store any number of palettes, while the Free version is limited to storing three palettes. The Pro version has 25 colors per palette while the Free and Basic versions have only 5. Palettes and color schemes can be exported to a number of design programs including Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and PaintShopPro.

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