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Month: May 2013

Twitter Marketing

Why You Need An Ownership Policy For Your Company Twitter Account

Companies can find themselves in quite the conundrum if they don't set up policies for their company Twitter accounts. Because the law is fuzzy on the issue, without a policy, an individual employee may be able to take a company-affiliated Twitter account with them when they leave, even if the company name was leveraged to gain those followers. The only way to prevent, or rather deter, this from

Mars Rover Curiosity’s Social Media Success

Since its arrival on the Red Planet on August 5, 2012, the Mars Curiosity Rover has become quite the social media celebrity. She (the robot is a she, by the way) has large followings on both Twitter and Facebook, and has even made a number of check-ins on FourSquare. She has the biggest following of any space mission so far, and that following continues to grow every day. So, what has made the

What Do Twitter’s Advertising Changes Mean For Marketing?

Twitter's advertisements, first launched in 2010, are some of the least intrusive out of all social media platforms. Ads are seamlessly worked into the Twitter Stream and "Who to follow" sections. Twitter has now opened up its advertising platform to third party services like HootSuite. As Twitter said in their announcement on Feb. 20, their "focus has been on delivering better ads…not more

Social Media Research

University of Westminster Launches Social Media Research Center

The rise of social media has resulted in millions of users communicating in ways that one never would have thought possible just 10-15 years ago. While users are sharing more than ever about their lives, there is an increased concern regarding privacy and security, particularly how it affects people in their professional lives. While many have tried to study the effects of social media, there

Social Media

Social Media and the Pope

When the white smoke rose from the chimney at the Vatican, cheers went up, church bells rang out, and tweets went flying. Facebook shares spread the news. Thousands of people exchanged text messages and emails. The election of Pope Francis occurred amidst a flurry of social media activity in mid-March. Catholics still have a way to go to catch up with their other Christian counterparts in the

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads Have Been Put to the Test

Many business owners have used services like Facebook and Twitter to help establish a web presence, gain followers, get likes, and even get a new customer now and then. A lot of them are still hesitant, though, to pay for advertising on social networks. There are a lot of unknown factors at play, one being the algorithms used to determine how much impressions and clicks cost. Is it worth it?


U.S. Online Shoppers Projected to Spend $370 Billion by 2017

It's no surprise that e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, but the results from a study by Forrester may surprise you with just how quickly it's growing. Traditional retailers have started to take notice of the e-commerce trend, upping the ante by investing more money into their online retail divisions. Online sales have reached an all-time high and are expected to grow even more over

Smartphone Apps

6 Best Color Palette Smartphone Apps

If you're a designer, you know you can find color inspiration anywhere. It may strike when you're at the library, out on the town with friends, or at the park with your kids. It's hard to remember exactly what those colors look like unless you're right there in the moment. These six smartphone apps will help you capture those colors by pulling them from the pictures you take in order to create

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