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Designing Your Website for a Multi Screen World - Infintech Designs Dec 03, 2012

7 Reasons to Design Your Website for a Multi-Screen World

Look around you. Chances are you have more than one screen in close proximity to you. Aside from the screen you are reading this on, you may have a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or television set close by. According to a recent study done by Google, this is not uncommon. Now, more people are living in what is called a multi-screen world where the media and information they consume regularly is found on a variety of screens and devices. This is changing the way marketers approach their advertising and website efforts.

For small businesses aiming to reach an audience that frequently goes online, the importance of marketing to a multi-screen user cannot be overstated. With Google finds that 90% of the media is being consumed on a screen of some sort and 38% of that media is being consumed on a Smartphone, mobile websites and easy navigation between screens has become extremely important.

Here are a few reasons your small business must get on board with this new trend to be competitive.

Make Transitions for Consumers Become Easier – A prospective customer may hear about you on a television commercial and immediately reach for their Smartphone to find your website. By having a website that accommodates mobile devices, you can make the transition between an advertisement and the search for more information about your product easier and faster.

Be Seen by More People – When you appeal to an online audience, you ultimately appeal to a number of people who search for your product or service on a variety of devices. When your website is agile enough to accommodate different sized screens, you can be seen by more people.

Get Found by Customers who are searching for You While Out on the Town – The number of phones that are internet enabled is increasing and with it so are the number of people who search for local businesses while they are out and about. By having a mobile website and strong local SEO strategy, you can get found by people who are close to you.

Make it Easier to Find your Company Later on a Different Device – While your customer may see your business name and offering on their Smartphone, they are likely to turn to a laptop or tablet to do more research on whether you have what they need. By making it easy to switch between the two devices and still be found, you can make it simple for your customer to find you later on when they are ready to purchase.

Create a Path of Communication Instead of a Destination – The ultimate goal is a sale, but to reach this goal there is a path of communication that your customer is likely going through to find what they need. This path of communication can start on a television set and end on a Smartphone, so both must be accommodated.

Encourage Customers to Perform a Search for You – Tablets and Smartphones are the most used devices that people have next to them while watching their favorite shows. When they see your commercial, encourage them to do a search to find you right away rather than risking them for getting your message.

Make the Purchase Process Streamlined Across Devices Too – By making it easy for people to see their purchase history across devices, you offer better customer service. This is important in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you want more information on how you can convert your website into one that accommodates a variety of devices, contact us today. We can help your small business by redesigning your website. This will clarify the path to action from your customers to help you gain more leads and grow your revenues.

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