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Quick Ideas for Facebook Posts - Infintech Designs Sep 02, 2013

8 Quick Ideas for Facebook Posts

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you’re going to have to consistently update your status or post new items. Here’s a list of potential posts that you can place on your business Facebook page.

1. Advertise a current promotion. Who doesn’t love a bargain? According to social media guru Jeff Bullas, words like “coupon” and “$ off” get the best reactions from customers. Words like “sale” and “% off” (because who wants to do math, really?) get the lowest engagement. Make sure to post a direct link to your offer. On the offer page, make sure that you have a coupon that your customers can print or a mobile-friendly barcode or QR code that they can present on their smartphones.

2. Post a link to your blog. Facebook posts need to be short. To get your fans engaged with longer pieces of material, write a short blurb about your latest blog post and attach a link to the blog. These types of posts drive traffic to your business website, and more traffic usually translates to better search rankings.

3. Talk up a new product. If you have a new product or service to offer, then write a Facebook post as soon as the new product or service goes live on your website. Add a link to the new product or service page so that your fans can check it out. You can do the same thing if you’ve dropped your prices on a particular product or service. Like a blog link, these links to new products and services drive traffic to your website.

4. Add customer photos. Do you have a photo of yourself with an exceedingly happy customer? Do you have a photo of a recent project that you’ve completed for a customer? Then, by all means, share the love. Before you post a photo of a customer, however, it’s a good idea to ask for permission just in case the customer feels uneasy. Also, make your photos snazzy with Instagram or Picasa.

5. Post an interesting video. Perhaps you own a franchise or are a reseller for a large company. If the big corporation posts an interesting YouTube video, then share a link to the video with your fans. You can also post links to videos that you’ve made, videos containing customer testimonials and videos of outside topics that are related to your business.

6. Ask a question. Everyone likes to give his or her opinion. Why not ask a question to generate some fan engagement? Think of a question related either to your business or to your community. These posts tend to generate a lot of comments, so make sure to engage your customers by responding to their comments in a positive way.

7. Try a “fill-in the blank” post. Fill-in-the-blank posts receive nine times as many comments as other types of posts. This type of post is especially good for retail businesses, but it can work for all types of companies. For example, if you owned a spa, you could post something like, “My favorite activity when I want to relax is…”

8. Throw out an infographic. Charts, graphs and infographics are great ways to communicate a lot of information in an easy-to-digest way. You don’t have to create your own infographics. You can simply link to something that another company has created. Just make sure that you credit your source.

Do you want a social media presence but lack the time to commit to constant updating? Contact Infintech at (504) 717-4837 to put your Facebook strategy into overdrive. Consistent updating and analytics monitoring can greatly increase both your fan base and your bottom line. Give us a call today.

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