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Month: September 2013

Twitter hashtag

How to #Hashtag on Twitter

If you're a Twitter user, then you've seen hashtags. You may have even joined a conversation by clicking a featured hashtag displayed on your Twitter home page. Hashtags can turn your Twitter campaign from a brief sputter into a memorable firecracker. Best of all, you don't have to own a huge business to get the benefits of this free marketing tool. Why Bother With Hashtags? Hashtags can


How Adding Twitter Cards Can Improve Local SEO

One of the year's biggest SEO themes is improving local search. Tools like, authorship markup and geo-tagging have become popular ways to improve search results. Social media can provide a local SEO boost whenever your social posts are indexed. Using Twitter Cards can increase the likelihood that your Twitter account will add local citation value. What Are Twitter Cards?A Twitter

Web Addresses Are About to Change—A Lot

Have you ever heard of a gTLD? If you haven't, then you aren't alone. A gTLD, which stands for "generic top-level domains," is the string of characters that sits to the right of the dot in an Internet domain name. You've probably seen plenty of gTLDs like ".com" or ".net." What you may not know is that a slew of new gTLDs are about to hit the market. About two-thirds percent of small and


Use the Sales Funnel to Design a Great E-Commerce Website

"Sales funnel" is an interesting term. If you Google it, you'll see many images that look like miniature tornadoes. Essentially, the sales funnel is the pathway that customers take with your business, from the initial contact to the eventual purchase of your products or services. The funnel is wider at the top, or the initial contact point This happens because you may reach many potential

How to Use Facebook to Tell Your Company’s Story

Writing your company's story is worth your time, because it's a great way to focus your marketing message. After taking the time to compose your company's story, present that story and expand it as part of your Facebook marketing strategy. How to Compose Your Company's Story Many business owners haven't sat down to write a story since grade school. However, because your business is probably one


Does My Business Need a Blog?

The idea of writing a blog for your business may seem overwhelming. You may think that you'd rather spend time running your business than writing about it. What you may not realize is that having a blog can accomplish three great things for your business: 1. Produces fresh content for your website. When you write a blog, you regularly update your website with fresh content. The search results

Social Media icons

Connecting to Your Target Customer by Using Social Media

Knowing who's using social media will tell you which social networks your business should target for marketing. After looking to see which customers are using which social networks, identify your target customer and develop a social media strategy. Social Networks: A Breakdown of Who Uses What According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the top five social networks are most

Facebook Posts

8 Quick Ideas for Facebook Posts

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you're going to have to consistently update your status or post new items. Here's a list of potential posts that you can place on your business Facebook page. 1. Advertise a current promotion. Who doesn't love a bargain? According to social media guru Jeff Bullas, words like "coupon" and "$ off" get the best reactions from customers. Words

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