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Adding Twitter Cards Can Improve Local SEO - Infintech Designs Sep 23, 2013

How Adding Twitter Cards Can Improve Local SEO

One of the year’s biggest SEO themes is improving local search. Tools like, authorship markup and geo-tagging have become popular ways to improve search results. Social media can provide a local SEO boost whenever your social posts are indexed. Using Twitter Cards can increase the likelihood that your Twitter account will add local citation value.

What Are Twitter Cards?
A Twitter Card displays a preview of what users will see when they click the links that you tweet. By giving a preview of the material, they give your followers more confidence when clicking your links. For example, you can enable your newest blog entry to post to Twitter in the form of a Summary Card. A Summary Card gives your post title, a thumbnail image, your Twitter handle and a description of your post.

How Do You Install Twitter Cards?
To enable Twitter Cards, simply add the Cards HTML markup directly to your blog template or theme. You can find the right HTML markup for Summary Cards here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. If you’re using WordPress, then plug-ins like SEO by Yoast may already contain Twitter Card tools.

After adding the Twitter Cards markup to your template, submit your blog to Twitter for approval by filling out a form at Twitter may or may not e-mail you when they enable Cards on your blog, and you’ll wait for an unspecified time period before you see them in action. Also, they’re imperfect, so they may not show up in every browser or on every mobile platform.

Other Types of Twitter Cards
In addition to Summary Cards, you can enable other types of Twitter Cards. These include:

  1. Summary Card With Large Image. These Cards offer the same features of basic Summary Cards but allow you to prominently showcase an image.
  2. Photo Cards. These Cards put photos right in the center. Developers can use Photo Cards with screenshots to invite more app downloads.
  3. Gallery Cards. Use these Cards to promote a collection of photos or images.
  4. App Cards. These Twitter Cards include a logo and a link to either the App Store or Google Play. Currently, they can only be used on Android and iOS mobile clients.
  5. Player Cards. Use Player Cards to highlight video or audio streaming. They work differently depending on whether you’re using Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, or
  6. Product Cards. These Cards display an image, description and other details about your products, including prices.

Twitter Cards and SEO
Summary Cards start by enhancing the look of your Twitter status pages and, hopefully, increasing the number of clicks that you earn. As more retweets and Author Rank influence rankings are associated with your Twitter account, then you could significantly boost your overall search results rankings over time.

Because Twitter Cards are no-follow, they may not affect your Google Page Rank directly. However, no-follow doesn’t always apply to social media, and local tidbits on your Cards can still help customers to connect to your business when they execute a local search. Also, retweets posted to legitimate sites can increase inbound links to your site, improving your search engine rankings.

Twitter Cards are worthwhile for visual appeal alone. With their simple installation and easy SEO points, adding Summary Cards to a blog is a no-brainer. You can also review the other types of Cards and decide if they can work for your SEO strategy.

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