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How to Use Facebook to Tell Your Company’s Story

Writing your company’s story is worth your time, because it’s a great way to focus your marketing message. After taking the time to compose your company’s story, present that story and expand it as part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

How to Compose Your Company’s Story
Many business owners haven’t sat down to write a story since grade school. However, because your business is probably one of your proudest accomplishments, writing this story shouldn’t be too difficult. Keep these five questions in mind as you come up with your company story:

1. How did you get the idea for your business? If you’re like most people, then you probably know people who say that they would open their own small businesses if they just had an idea for getting started. Therefore, your customers will probably be fascinated by how you came up with the idea that started your company, and this idea will tell customers a lot about your company’s reason for being.
2. What is your company’s history? Some companies start in a garage or in a spare bedroom. Write about how you got your original idea off of the ground, and tell how your company has changed from its origins to the present time.
3. Who are the important (and hopefully likeable) characters? A lot of the buzz in marketing these days revolves around building relationships with customers. Remember that customers form relationships with people, not with products. Identify the colorful and likeable characters in your company’s story. Then, explain how those characters helped your company to take shape.
4. What does your company add to the community? Once you have the facts and the characters for your story, you need to elevate those facts into something meaningful. If your company has an important place in the community, or if you mission involves improving people’s lives, then let your customers know how your community benefits from your work.
5. How is your company inspiring? “Why am I here?” is a question that takes a lifetime to answer, but everyone answers that question the best that they can every day. Think about how your company story can inspire your customers. You may want to include customer testimonials and employee stories.

Sharing the Story Through Facebook
Now that you’ve composed a meaningful company story, try these ideas for weaving that story into your Facebook marketing strategy.

  • Leverage your timeline. Utilize Facebook’s timeline feature and incorporate major company milestones. These milestones may include when the company was founded, when you made your first sale, when you moved into a new building, when you introduced a new product or service, when you participated in major community events and when you received significant press coverage.
  • Mark your anniversaries. Publish posts, links to blogs and promotions when the calendar lands on major company anniversaries. You can also invite customers to give well wishes to managers or other highly visible employees for events like birthdays, employment anniversaries or promotions.
  • Promote local events. If your company participates in a local charity event or sponsors an event related to your story, then promote it on Facebook.
  • Incorporate photos and video. Instead of just using text for your timeline, add appropriate photos to each entry. Also, post photos of your company helping in the community, or post videos of customer testimonials and finished projects.
  • Always go back to the story. When you’re unsure about your next marketing move, delve back into your company story. You’ll discover that it provides compelling material that can last for the lifetime of your company.

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