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96 Copywriting Power Words To Increase Conversions on Your Sales Page

The copywriting power words are a list of words that can help you to engage readers online.

The more you know about the power words, the better your copywriting will be. You can use these words to establish a more personal tone or to quickly establish your topic of interest for someone who just landed on your website.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about what makes good copywriting and what makes bad copywriting.

There are many different opinions on this topic and some people might even think that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” copywriting, but instead, it’s the skill of the writer that determines whether it is good or bad.

So, for all entrepreneurs who are focusing on marketing their creative small business, I ask you this. Where are you investing the majority of your time and how is that working out for you concerning sales?

This is why it’s so important to consider the power of words and written content. Websites can be considered brands, too!

Visual branding is very important, but your visuals aren’t everything. You need to make sure you have a strong foundation and don’t neglect the essential things like SEO and usability.

Today I want to talk about what I think of sales copy, why it’s not a dirty word, and 3 easy copywriting tips for newbies.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The length of your copy has less of an impact on how effective it will be than you might think.
  • Serving your reader can sometimes be a difficult task. It is important to understand what they need and what the best way to present it is. If you fail to plan, you may find your content confusing and unreadable.
  • 96 copywriting power words you can swipe to start writing conversion copy

One of the things that are most interesting about being a business entrepreneur is how it opens your eyes to the fact that some people have a natural knack for making money. And yes, they’re permitted to hold on to it, provided they work hard and teach themselves the biblical principle of stewardship.

If you are passionate about your service, don’t think too much about pricing, just get good at selling it.

If you can’t sell your company, it’ll never get anywhere. You should invest some other time in the other aspects of your business & work hard to find an outside salesperson who’s qualified to do so.

The text you provide could be what makes someone decide to take action and buy what you’re offering or not.

With this in mind, the words accompanying visuals must help them figure out if you and your business will serve their needs — giving them peace of mind & security is a crucial part of providing good customer service.

Here are 3 tips that will help you improve your copywriting significantly with power words.

No. 1 – Have ONE Big Idea For Each Page Of Your Website

When you write your sales copy, make sure that it is relevant to the offers that you are promoting. If you manage to do this successfully, then it will convert at a better rate than when bouncing around multiple topics.

One idea should dominate the text - Infintech DesignsWhen you have multiple services or offers, you need to break them up into different pages for each service or offer. This is the only way to help customers find their desired purchase through your site.

The best thing you can do for your readers is to give them one point to focus on. Is this offer going to help them save hours? When it comes to flower design, we can save you money by taking care of everything within-warehouse.

With everything in-house and done correctly, there is no need for outsourcing and we will always provide the best prices and customer service.

If you want to reach more customers, consider redesigning your website so each offer is on a separate page.

When brainstorming a post, try to think of a single idea that will fill an entire page. It can help you avoid coming up with a jumble of disjointed ideas and prevent any dead-end discussions from derailing the process.

No. 2 – Know Your Copy Should Only Be As Long As It Needs To Be

It is a common misconception that good copywriting is all about writing short copy. It is important to note, however, that a great article can be of any length and still be amazing. The concise writing style is fantastic, and it’s part of what makes Brevity great at getting your message across.

You also need to guide your reader through the mental shifts necessary to make an investment (or not!) And sometimes this means including long sales pages.
ConversionXL has found that people only read the text which they find interesting. If you can make your copy interesting and intriguing, then visitors will read it.
They say instead of blindly writing, two things to remember are:

  1. Be sure to grab your reader’s attention
  2. We want to get this done as soon as possible.

Woman making notes in her notepad - Infintech Designsneed to consider the needs of the customer or client when drafting our ad copy. What can they get done in an hour? When do they want to know your statistics? Make sure you answer these questions!

After all, it’s your responsibility as a writer to make sure that your time was not wasted on reading something that doesn’t matter.

When someone lands on a page, they’re going to scroll through it, not read every word. So mix up your sentence structure – make some one-liners more complex or vice versa.

BUT! If your offer walks a thin line and is scarce or pricy, your customers may be turned off before the purchase – and for good reason. You only want to get in touch with interested parties who will benefit from what you’re offering.

It’s ok to have long sales pitches. Just remember that it shouldn’t be all about you, but your customer. The level of detail it should go into depends on the topic and what the potential client might want to know.

No. 3 – Combine These 96 Power Words And Phrases With Copy Swiped From Your Ideal Client

96 Copywriting Power Words To Increase Conversions on Your Sales Page - Infintech DesignsWhen writing a message, always remember that it’s a way to address a specific audience. To connect & stay in tune with them, use their lingo and integrate their words into your messaging. It will mean that you need to be a little uncomfortable but it pays off in the end.

To find out what buyers want to learn about hand-lettering books and how they find out those skills, just search for those keywords on Facebook threads and Amazon book reviews.

Given client feedback and client emails, rank each client.

BUT … don’t stop there.

Replace words in your copy with these client-focused power words to help you connect with your audience. It’ll also give you more to work with next time you need to write sales copy.

This list of 96 copywriting power words will help you catch the attention of more prospects. Keep it pinned to your landing page so you can add it to your next project!

BUT they may simply change your copy without thinking about it. If you don’t have a solid message in place, this will only make it easier to fail. Study copywriting, master your message, and design-focused copy on your website before working to convert customers.

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