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Instagram as Marketing Strategy - Infintech Designs Dec 15, 2015

Adding Instagram to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the past year, Instagram has exploded as a top website. According to recent research, Instagram engagement has now outpaced that of other social media networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. With one of the largest user bases, other than Facebook, Instagram is a must have for any comprehensive business social media marketing strategy. If you are just getting started, there are a few things that you need to do in order to effectively use Instagram for marketing. Here are some tips for adding Instagram to your social media marketing strategy.

Download the App

Instagram, unlike other social networks, is a platform that is primarily designed for use via mobile devices. Therefore, the first step to setting up your Instagram account should start with downloading the mobile app. After you have fully set up your account, you will be able to view your profile page via desktop. However, you will need to use the mobile app in order to manage your Instagram activity. You can download the app here.

Start With the Basics

Many of the steps for starting with Instagram are the same as other social media sites. You will need to open an account, select a username, upload a profile picture and description. You will also need to select your location. For these steps, you can use the same information that you posted to other social networks. However, since Instagram depends heavily on hashtags, make sure that you also include some in your profile description.

Create High Quality Images

Since Instagram is primarily a photo sharing social network, high quality images are a must. They must be high quality not only in the resolution of the images but also in the content. You should also consider how each image fits into the overall look of your profile. Consider hiring a professional photographer or graphic designer to manage the creation of your Instagram images for the best results.

Create a Schedule

Like the other social media websites, it is not enough to simply post occasionally to Instagram. You must post content on a regular schedule in order to build up a loyal following. In addition, you will also want to measure content engagement to see what posting frequency is best for your audience. You may find that your audience likes daily content at specific times of the day. You may also find that daily posting is too much for your audience. However, without a regular schedule for Instagram posting, you will not be able to determine which are the best options for creating new content on Instagram.

Use Apps

There are a number of apps that are designed to help you better manage your Instagram marketing strategy. In addition, photo editing apps, such as Pixlr and Canva, can provide the editing tools that you need to create better quality images quickly and easily before you post. Don’t forget about social media management tools that will allow you to schedule your Instagram posts at your convenience. You can also use these apps from your smartphone to manage your Instagram strategy on the go.

Infintech Designs can help you to set up a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that includes Instagram. Request a quote for social media marketing service in New Orleans and we’ll review your site for free!

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