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Increase-Your-Blog-Traffic-on-Twitter - Infintech Designs Dec 19, 2015

Using Twitter to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Twitter, like other social media sites, can drive a ton of traffic to your blog if you use this resource in the right ways. There are many different tactics for using Twitter to increase blog traffic. However, the key to success is creating a sound strategy that is consistent. Here are some tips for using Twitter to increase your blog traffic.

Insert Images and Video

It is a well-known fact that images and video receive higher engagement on social media than written Tweets. By using images and video to promote your content and posting the full version of the content only to your site, you can use the image or video as clickbait to attract users back to your blog. Tweets that contain an image or video are also more likely to be shared, which will allow you to attract new followers to your Twitter profile.


By mentioning influencers in your Tweet, you can get them to retweet your content so that it is shared with their own followers. Influencers have the larger audiences that you are looking to tap into. If you want to get even more sharing power, consider mentioning the influencer in the content on your site that you are linking to. A mention in the content will greatly increase the chances that the influencer will share the content on Twitter.

Use Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets can be effective for promoting your content to your target audience on Twitter. While you may be able to follow some of the individual accounts that are of interest to you manually, Promoted Tweets can allow you to find the hidden audiences that are interested in your content that you would have never found on your own. Promoted Tweets can be targeted by keywords, location, device and interests so that you have full control over your ad spend.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used on Twitter to help people find content that is relevant to a particular topic. By inserting hashtags in your Tweets, you make it easier for your content to be found by others that are not current following you on the site. Keywords that are related to your content or industry are good options for hashtags because they are likely to be used by others as search terms on Twitter. However, you should avoid using your brand name as a hashtag if you want to avoid the phenomenon known as hashtag hijacking, where hashtags are used in a way that may not be beneficial to the brand.

Offer an Incentive

While it is nice to get additional traffic simply because your Twitter followers love what you post, if your blog receives low levels of traffic, you may want to consider offering an incentive for viewing or sharing your content on Twitter. You can offer prizes or cash rewards in order to get more traffic. You can also search Twitter and use ideas from other companies to see how they are incentivizing their Tweets. Looking at the Promoted Tweets that appear on your account is a good place to start.

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