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Benefits of Youtube - Infintech Designs Jul 05, 2013

Benefits of a YouTube Channel for Online Marketing Viewership

YouTube is one of the largest media sites on the web and attracts over a billion unique visitors a month. If you’re looking for new ways to get into online marketing and are interested in which sites get the most views, YouTube is definitely the way to go. Continue reading for a list of the benefits of choosing a YouTube channel for online marketing viewership.

Why YouTube?
As a consumer, you probably already know what YouTube is and what you enjoy watching. But what if you’re a business owner or involved in internet marketing? There are so many benefits to utilizing YouTube for marketing purposes. This starts with the enormous amount of views and unique visits content gets on a regular basis. According to a recent YouTube press release, they rack up more than a billion visitors each month and over 4 billion hours of video are watched every month by users. Each minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site and 70 percent of their traffic comes from outside the United States. It is available in 61 languages throughout 53 countries. So what does this mean to you? It means you literally have the potential for videos to be seen by millions of people.

It Might Go Viral
It’s true that a very small percentage of YouTube videos go viral, but it’s still a possibility. Creating a video that is unique, interesting or funny and hits the right audience means you could definitely go viral. This means virtually thousands or potentially millions or people are sharing the video around to all their friends, which means amazing things for your marketing strategy.

Local and Global Audience
Another reason to use YouTube for online marketing is that the site is available in so many different countries. This gives you the opportunity to share your videos with people from all over the world. Many social media networks and other online advertising methods are limited to a select group of countries. However, global marketing is highly possible with YouTube.

Show Your Experience and Skills
Making videos on YouTube gives you the unique advantage of showcasing your skills and actually demonstrating how a product functions. It means you can show how experienced you are in your field and what kind of skills you have. Many consumers feel that showing these skills in video makes it more legitimate, which can only help you in online marketing.

Continuous Selling
Another thing that YouTube offers you in the way of advertising is near constant selling. Your videos are seen over and over again, not just once. Unlike social media, like Twitter and Facebook, where statuses are only seen for a very limited time, YouTube videos are viewed for months and years. What you post today could be found by a consumer in a week, month, or even a year and start improving your marketing results. The more you post, the better it’s going to be for you. Not only that, but it sells for you when you’re busy doing other things.

SEO Benefits
Finally, you get the advantage of SEO benefits. YouTube videos let you use keywords and terms in the title and video description, both of which can show up in search engine results. Google and other search engines look for words in both of these areas which improves your SEO.

Online marketing is about finding what works for you, and YouTube just might be it. Give it a try as you don’t have anything to lose. The more you put into it and the more often you post videos, the more successful of an advertising method it is going to be for you.


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