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Month: July 2013

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How to Select the Right Web Design Company

Picking a web design company for your business is an important decision because your website represents the image of the company you want to portray. A poor design that is not engaging and appealing will not gain the attention of potential prospects and make them want to learn more. Unfortunately when someone lands on your website, you have about five seconds to grab their attention before


Effective Marketing Using Google+

Google+, a relative newcomer among the major social media platforms, is gaining traction with several hundred million users and the user base is growing quickly.  What makes Google+ such an interesting and robust platform is the many different components. First, there is the opportunity to interact with others in the Google+ community by including selected people in your circles. A circle


Tips and Techniques for LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn, the largest business-to-business only social media network in the world, provides huge opportunities for business people and companies who want to connect. Sometimes called “the best kept secret in social media marketing,” most people who have a profile on LinkedIn don’t know how to use it effectively. Following are some key tips for using LinkedIn: Building a Profile The

Social Media Marketing

Keys to Success with Social Media Marketing

If done correctly, social media marketing offers many benefits to companies employing it. Human resources can use it to recruit employees, such as through LinkedIn’s job recruiting function. Sales can use it to enhance the reputation of their company. It also provides a way to internally communicate within a company. The following are important keys to social media


How to Market Effectively on Facebook

Facebook should be seriously considered as part of your marketing mix for several reasons. First, Facebook is a large and rapidly growing social network. Second, it excels at providing the ability to precisely target your advertising messages for the demographics you need. For example, if you want to reach women under the age of thirty-five who shop at Whole Foods, you can. Another benefit of


Questions to Ask When Hiring Content Writers for Your Site

Content writers are professional writers who write content for websites and blogs. This typically includes articles, blog posts, social media posts and updates, product and category descriptions, as well as other types of web content. If you are looking to hire someone to handle the writing aspect of your business, you can find an experienced and knowledgeable writer. Before making your hiring

Google SEO

7 Reasons Google Blacklisted Your Site

In 2012 alone, 9,500 websites were flagged for being malicious, approximately 13 million Google search queries created a flag warning for sites, and 600 million users were protected through blacklisting sites. It is possible to be blacklisted for honest mistakes, without doing anything wrong. Read on to find out what Google might blacklist you for and how to avoid it. Weak PasswordsOne of the


Benefits of a YouTube Channel for Online Marketing Viewership

YouTube is one of the largest media sites on the web and attracts over a billion unique visitors a month. If you’re looking for new ways to get into online marketing and are interested in which sites get the most views, YouTube is definitely the way to go. Continue reading for a list of the benefits of choosing a YouTube channel for online marketing viewership. Why YouTube?As a consumer,


What Creative Commons Licenses Mean for Image Use

If you have been looking around for free images you can use on your blog or website, you have more likely than not come across Creative Commons. This is a kind of license that allows you to search for and find free images as long as you abide by the copyrighted license guidelines. If you find a Creative Commons licensed image, you will need to follow some instructions to use it legitimately, but

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