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Questions to Ask When Hiring Content Writers - Infintech Designs Jul 11, 2013

Questions to Ask When Hiring Content Writers for Your Site

Content writers are professional writers who write content for websites and blogs. This typically includes articles, blog posts, social media posts and updates, product and category descriptions, as well as other types of web content. If you are looking to hire someone to handle the writing aspect of your business, you can find an experienced and knowledgeable writer. Before making your hiring decisions, you should first ask them a series of important questions. This ‘interview’ is going to make sure the writer has an adequate amount of experience for the content you need, and ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities if they accept the contract.

What Kind of Writing Experience Do You Have?
Ask the writer point-blank what their writing experience is. Not only should they have some sort of content writing experience, but detailed experience in the type of content you need. A writer who has knowledge of blog posts and articles doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable with press releases. This is something you need to know ahead of time.

Have You Written In My Industry?
Another question related to their experience, is whether or not they have written content for your market. Some industries require more expansive knowledge, like legal or medical, and therefore you need a content writer who knows how to produce this type of content.

What Is Your Preferred Type of Content?
Finding a writer who not only knows how to write the content you need, but enjoys it, is going to work in your benefit. Writers who get enjoyment from certain types of content are going to work faster and put passion into their words. For example, a content writer who enjoys creative writing would be a good candidate for unique product descriptions.

What is Your Writing Process?
Whether you’re looking to hire an individual or a company that produces website content, find out their exact process. Do they write up the contracts? What is their turnaround time? How do they research and do they offer a certain number of references? What is their strategy for content tailored to your needs specifically?

How Do You Handle Revisions or Editing?
You should find out if the writer also has experience with proofreading and editing their own work. Ideally, it won’t have obvious errors that take time to revise. Secondly, their content might be excellent but not exactly what you’re looking for. If you were clear in your instructions and the content isn’t what you’re interested in, will they offer a revision? Find this out before you hire them.

Do You Understand SEO?
Website content, no matter the type, requires knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). Find out their experience with keyword usage, avoiding keyword stuffing and SEO in general. It is best to find a writer who already understands SEO, or at the very least is willing to learn.

What Are Your Fees?
It’s possible you have a set cost in mind, but still ask what they typically charge. In most cases, it is either a per-project amount or per-word for some types of content. Be clear on what they’re charging, and be wary of low offers. Consider that if they’re asking an extremely low rate for content, they might also be providing low quality of work. If their fees are more than you have the budget for, be honest and upfront immediately so you can either work something out with the writer, or continue looking for another one.

Once you have asked about their experience, looked at samples of their writing, and have made sure they understand what you’re looking for, you will have found an excellent content writer. Be honest every step of the way, and trust your instincts.


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