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Other Content Ideas - Infintech Designs Apr 28, 2014

Beyond the Blog: Other Content Ideas

Blogging is typically considered the cornerstone of a content marketing campaign for most businesses. However, if you are looking to expand beyond a company blog or you don’t feel like a blog is really the best way to engage with your site visitors and customers, here are a few other content ideas that you can try.

The first step to expanding your content marketing plan beyond the blog is to understand that not all types of content work for all businesses. It is important to tailor your content marketing strategy to he types of content that are considered the standard for your industry. The following are longer content pieces that you can try that can help boost sales and conversion rates.

White Papers
White papers work well for B2B businesses and companies that have a sales process that is considered to a somewhat or highly complex. White papers serve to educate customers about the the types of results that your company can provide as well as to educate customers on the products and services that your company can provide. In addition, you can also incorporate data from case studies so that customers can see how your company has performed in the past.

Ebooks can provide a way to keep your customers engaged and updated on the products and services that you sell between purchases. In addition, many companies use ebooks as a way to obtain opt-ins. If your business requires customers to know certain skills and techniques in order to use your products and services, the you can utilize ebooks to teach your customers what they need to know in order to get the most from your products and services. Ebooks can also be used to boost the value of your product by bundling them with your existing products and services so that your customers can feel like they have received just a bit more value from what you have sold them.

Training Courses
Training courses can serve as an ongoing training method o an added bonus for purchasing your products and services. Training courses can be designed from instructional material that your company has already created for your clients. By designing training courses, your company can also decrease the number of support questions that you receive and amount of time spend trying to assist new clients with your products and services.

Infographics have emerged as a new content tool that is very effective because infographics are visual content pieces. In addition, infographics are perfectly designed to be shared on social media sites which will bring even more exposure to your company especially if the infographic is branded with your company logo.

Beyond these three methods, webinars and videos can also be used as compelling content pieces. The first step to determining which methods will work best for your business is to take a look at the types of content that drive the most traffic to your website. Once you have figured out what these items are, you should expand on them by figuring out how to develop those content types in more creative ways.

In most cases, getting better results from your content marketing strategy does not mean reinventing the wheel. If you can determine which content types work best for your industry, then you will be on your way to redefining your content marketing strategy so that it better meets your company’s marketing goals.

Do you need help with expanding your content marketing beyond blogging? Infintech Designs can help you design a comprehensive content marketing plan that will allow you to take advantage of multiple channels. Click here to request a review of your business and a personalized quote now.

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