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Drive Sales With Content Marketing - Infintech Designs Apr 25, 2014

How to Drive Sales With Content Marketing

If you are utilizing content marketing as a part of your online marketing strategy, you should be focusing on using the content to drive sales for your business. While increasing user engagement through content marketing is important, at the end of the day what is important is making sales if you want your business to grow.

So how can you drive sales with content marketing?

Optimizing the Content Itself
The first step to increasing sales with content marketing involves optimization. This involves a considerable amount of testing. Changes to be made in a testing campaign could be as simple as changing a design or subject line. However, these tiny changes could have a huge impact on conversion rates. Therefore if you want to increase conversion rates, you must begin by testing and tweaking your content.

This point could also be extended to testing the different methods of how the content could be displayed. When it comes to email marketing and your website, testing between different templates could make a huge difference in conversion rates without you even changing any of the content. Site load times and navigational ability play strong roles in determining if a user will opt into an offer or make a purchase on a website. Users want to make a decision quickly and effortlessly and the design of your marketing materials must make quick decision making possible.

Avoid Filler Content
Every piece of content that you design for your business must have a purpose. You should not be creating content simply for the sake of having something for your customers to read. Not only are you wasting money but customers don’t want to read something that is not helping them to solve a problem that they have, especially if they are browsing a business website.

Therefore you want to make sure that the content that your business creates is as relevant as possible to your target audience and also that every piece of content encourages the reader to take action in some way. By getting readers to take action, you are also sorting out the buyers from the browsers which makes it much easier to target only the people that are ready to buy your product or service.

Timing Is Everything
In order to increase conversion rates and sales, your content must be delivered at the right time to your prospective customer. This is especially important in the case of email marketing. Therefore if you want to increase sales it is essential that you utilize marketing automation software and that you test and retest when are the best times of the day to broadcast your messages so that they actually reach your target audience.

Optimize for SEO
If the content that you have created is featured on a page that is readily available in the search engines, optimizing the content for SEO can help to bring in additional traffic to your page organically. This will increase the number of targeted visitors that visit your website and eventually opt to buy. The cheapest traffic can sometimes be organic traffic so it pays not to neglect site optimization if you want to decrease the amount of your marketing budget that is allocated to paid advertising.

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