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Encourage Content Sharing - Infintech Designs Apr 21, 2014

How to Encourage Content Sharing

Encouraging content sharing is not the easiest thing to do without coming off as desperate. However if carefully done, you could increase the number of readers that engage with your content and watch your content marketing efforts pay off. Here are some tips to help encourage content sharing.

For your blog
Begging people to share your content at the end of each post is not going to yield many results. You would be better off you gave people a reason to share the content. Try offering a perk for sharing that they can not otherwise obtain.

You can also get people to share your content in an discrete way by ending your posts with a question that needs to be answered by the readers in the comments or many discussion points. This type of content is more likely to get shared because people will share the content so that they can see what their friends’ reactions will be to the content.

In addition, you should also write posts that are designed to be shared such as posts containing lists of items. These kinds of posts people can related to and will share them with their friends so that the list items can be compared and discussed.

For social media
With social media, encouraging content sharing must be done very subtly. Using content that is likely to be high relevant and on trend with your readers is always the best approach. Content that is sharable includes quotes, breaking new and other timely pieces of information that a person can identify and connect with.

Running a contest on a social media site can act as an easy way to increase the amount of sharing of your social media content. In fact, you can have users share the content as part of the entry process to the content or the terms of becoming eligible for a prize. While the options to the messages that you can share in these instances will be limited, they can still bring in additional traffic.

Creating shareable content in general means putting together information in a way that users simply can’t find elsewhere. This serves a dual purpose in that as the authority of your site rises from having your content shared over and over, the site will also in turn rise in the search engines with regard to ranking. As your site increases in ranking, the likelihood that people will search out and visit your site will increase. This in turn will lead to the content being shared more and more until your site eventually becomes a leading website.

Therefore as you can see shares are really the key factor in getting a site to rank highly in the search engines. Regardless of whether these shares take place in the form of link building or as shares on social media websites, both of these methods of sharing will benefit your site’s authority and search engine ranking. This also means that because people decided to share your content, your backlink profile will also grow and it will all be done naturally and organically which is the way in which search engines want you to rank your website in the first place.

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