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Why Authority Matters - Infintech Designs Apr 18, 2014

Why Authority Matters

Why has authority become the new most important thing when it comes to SEO? The reason is that site authority really embodies all of the elements that are involved in creating a good website with a good user experience. All along Google has been saying that they simply want people to create good quality sites and that will be enough to ensure that their sites remain highly ranked in the search engines.

So what is authority and what qualities must your website have in order to earn authority and thus high rankings in the search engines? Here are some tips to help you get your website on the right track to becoming the go-to site in your industry for information and commerce.

A good user experience
Matt Cutts has really stressed that a good user experience is one of the key factors that determine ranking. This means that a website must load quickly and be easy to navigate. As mobile traffic continues to increase, it will be highly likely that the ability of a site to provide a good user experience regardless of the device being used to access the website will affect its rankings. This is why responsive design is so important for a website to have.

Natural link pattern
While paid links and other unethical strategies have been out of favor for a long time, the ability of a site to create a natural link patter is increasingly important. The main factor is that people are choosing to link to a site on its own without being coerced. This can only be done via a prudent content marketing strategy that allows businesses to reach out to the leaders in their industries and create valuable partnerships that can be used for content marketing purposes.

Publishing important content
Businesses can also build authority by creating content that establishes them as an authority in their industry. This means publishing all of the content that their users find relevant so that the users are less likely to visit other websites for information. By building up content, users will naturally work to increase the authority of a website as those users create backlinks to the site via their usual daily activities.

Ranking sites based on authority means less room for negative SEO
The benefit to you in having your site ranked based on its authority means that there is no longer an avenue for spammers and black-hat SEOs to put their own websites ahead of yours in the search engines. Building up authority takes a lot of time and money so the end result will be that your internet marketing efforts will pay off if the right focus is applied to your internet marketing campaigns.

In addition, the fact that people will start to identify your site for its authority also means that your users are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty to your site. This helps to decrease the damage that could be done by a negative SEO campaign on your site. Since your most loyal users are committed to your site, they are not likely to be phased by negative attempts on your site and will continue to use your products and services as well as share your company’s website.

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