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Split Testing - Infintech Designs May 30, 2014

How You Can Increase Your Subscribers With Split Testing

Are you attempting to find the most effective method for increasing your conversion rates? There is absolutely no need to guess on this when you can test and use a proven method. Split testing, which is also known as A/B Testing, can help you increase the return of investment of your sign up pages. Here are a few tips on using the power of split testing.

Why Split Testing Matters
Split testing is important because the people that make up your target audience are different from other groups out there simply because they are unique individuals. Therefore, it is important that you focus on what those individuals respond to and figure out what best works for them. This is where split testing can help make things easier and faster.

Where to Start
If you are ready to try split testing, you should first start with the sign up pages on your website. When doing split testing, create different versions of these landing pages that have different text, images or even different fields as a part of the sign up form. In this way, you can test the difference elements of the page to see what your visitors really respond to. As you continue to split test, you will eventually find the versions of the pages that work best with your audience.

Don’t hesitate to split test by installing various plugins and tools that are designed to increase conversion rates. Some of these tools may be very helpful for your website. You may find that your site conversions increased dramatically by implementing such tools. In addition, the effects on your site’s loading time may be affected so make sure that you don’t overdo it in this area.

Split Testing in Other Places
After you have fully optimized your sign up pages, it would be a good idea to work on the rest of your sales funnel. You can use split testing to create different versions of the emails that contain links to your sign up pages. Most email marketing programs today have built in features that allow you to split test email marketing emails and subject lines with ease. Now this activity will allow you to see if there are other items higher in the beginning of your funnel that are hurting your conversions. You may find that your signup page really ends up playing the smallest role and that it is other items that are really blocking you from achieving the best conversion rates.

In addition to testing email marketing emails, consider changing your site’s home page and other popular website content as reported by your analytics tools. As you split test, you will find that you can discover the best converting versions of all of your content.

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