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When-to-Use-Landing-Pages-on-a-Website - Infintech Designs May 27, 2014

When to Use Landing Pages on a Website

Landing pages are essential for converting visitors into paying customers. However, it is often more difficult to decide when and where a landing page should be used. Here are three scenarios in which landing pages should definitely be used.

Long Term Offers
If you are making an offer on your site that is likely to be available for the long term, then you should build a landing page for this offer. Some examples of offers are:

– Free ebooks
– Free trials
– Obtaining a quote for services
– Signing up for a newsletter

In most cases, you will want almost every visitor to your site to participate in these sort of offers. Therefore they should have their own landing pages. With these landing pages, you will want to make sure that the landing page is completely tailored to the offer and does not contain any other information that is not relevant to the offer.

You should make sure to incorporate optimization techniques such as a strong headline, lists of benefits and a clear call to action. Most pages of this type also include a sign up form so that they can collect the data of every site visitor that opts-in to the offer.

Email Marketing
For email marketing campaigns, dedicated landing pages are essential. Prior to reviewing your site, the user will be informed about your offer in the email. Since the user is only reading about your offer and nothing else before visiting your site, it simply makes logical sense for the visitor to want to view content only about that offer.

Your landing page should make sure to completely follow up on whatever was discussed in the email. If the email included any images, make sure that you incorporate these images into your landing page design. This tip will reassure visitors that they have been directed to the correct site and site page.

Segmented Landing Pages
If you have designed a marketing campaign that splits your users into smaller targeted segments, you should make sure to develop dedicated segment landing pages. These segmented landing pages ensure that the visitor reviews only the content that is relevant to him or her. In addition, segmented landing pages are easy to develop because you can often simply change out minor details in the landing page to create segment-specific versions of the landing pages.

This also guarantees that you will never lose the interest of the user by sending that user to content that he or she has no interest in. This is a major problem in situations where companies are not using segments and split testing. By utilizing these methods, you can ensure that the users receive the right content every time. In addition, it will also provide you with complete control over that user’s experience.

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