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Email Marketing Campaign Problems - Infintech Designs May 12, 2015

Checking Your Email Marketing Campaign for Problems

Do you know how to troubleshoot your email marketing campaign? If you are currently running an email marketing campaign, it is important to watch out for problems. Email marketing is increasingly becoming an important aspect of the sales funnel for businesses. Here are a few email marketing campaign problems that might arise and what you can do about them.

Deliverability Issues

Deliverability is an important aspect of a successful email marketing campaign. This metric directly affects whether the content of your email marketing messages is being read at all. Deliverability can be related to a number of issues including content, domain, IP addresses and spam complaints.

If you want to ensure that your email marketing emails will even be read in the first place, you should consider a dedicated IP address. With services that offer a shared IP address for delivery, the main issue is that you are sharing an IP address and the reputation of all of the other businesses that are also using the same IP address to send emails.

Therefore, by opting to purchase a dedicated IP address, you have better control over deliverability and can ensure that your email marketing reputation is determined by your business practices alone. The damage caused by a spammer that was booted off of the shared IP address that you were using no longer has to negatively impact your results.


Testing is an important part of a successful email marketing campaign. If you are not testing your email marketing campaign, then you may be losing out on sales. Worse, you could find that your emails weren’t being opened in the first place.

When you test your campaign, you may uncover that there are issues with deliverability when you take a look at your analytics data. In addition, testing may also help you to uncover the best-performing versions of your content so that you can obtain ideal results from your campaign.

Conversion Tracking

Many tracking tools for email marketing can be difficult to fully understand, which is why you should consider hiring an expert. If you are not properly tracking the conversions from your email marketing messages, then you are essentially flying blind.

Conversion tracking can be done using tools, like Google Analytics. While open rates are important, you want to focus on your call to action within the emails so that you can test different versions. Improving the conversion rates from your email marketing could be a simple as changing the image for a button that redirects to your offer page.

If you are seeing little to no conversions from your email marketing campaign emails, this is a good indicator that you are not properly tracking your conversions. Alternatively, it could just mean that it is time to overhaul your email marketing content and consider new versions.

If you need assistance with troubleshooting problems with your email marketing, Infintech Designs can help. Click here to request a free review of your campaign today and we’ll provide some helpful tips to get you on the right track for success.

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