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Social Media Can Improve Your SEO - Infintech Designs May 09, 2015

How Social Media Can Improve Your SEO

Google has already made it clear that social media signals play a strong role in search engine rankings. However, do you know that using social media could actually improve your SEO results? Here are a few reasons why social media can be beneficial to your SEO efforts.


Social media provides an opportunity for your business to develop a following. The way in which brands can gain a following on social media usually involves well-written content that is delivered with a solid strategy.

Using tactics such as stories, emotion-triggering content and useful tips can help to increase the number of times that a posting is shared. These triggers are great ways to gain a following quickly. As your content is shared, the sharing will help to improve your SEO results as the content is linked back to your website. In addition, social media sharing can result in direct traffic to your website, increasing the authority of your domain.

Social CRM

As Google and other search engines work to determine the right rankings for the content that you’ve posted to social media, what it is actually doing is tracking the metrics of your social media interaction. Reviewing the analytics data of your social media profiles is an essential step that you must take in order to improve the success of your social media marketing campaigns.

By tracking important metrics, you can improve the results of your social media marketing campaigns. Inadvertently, you will also be helping to improve your SEO strategy because of the fact that that social CRM and analytics tools are designed to help you increase engagement from your followers, which is exactly what Google is looking for when it comes to rankings.

Putting Your Users First

If you are wondering if there are specific tactics that you’ll want to employ in order to improve your SEO strategy with social media, you need to first understand that every business is unique. There is no single way to improve your SEO results and also perform actions on social media that will increase the engagement with your followers.

This is where an online marketing expert can help you to use social media more effectively. By working with an expert to design a social media campaign that is effective at engaging your followers, you can also create a scenario for SEO success.

While using social media in the right ways can help your SEO strategy, it is important to keep in mind that social media is only a single factor in the long list of criteria that Google uses to determine rankings. In light of the latest updates, it is important that you also make sure to optimize the user experience of your site for fast loading and mobile device optimization.

Do you need assistance with improving your social media marketing or SEO strategy? Infintech Designs can help you create an effective campaign that will do wonders for your business. Request a free quote now.

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