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Choosing Keywords for SEO Campaign - Infintech Designs Sep 12, 2014

How to Choose Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

Choosing keywords for your SEO campaign can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Choosing the right keywords is all about minimizing costs while maximizing your return. If you are unsure how to select keywords for your SEO campaigns, here are a few tips.

Choose Keywords That Drive Sales

The first keywords that you should select for your SEO campaign should be the ones that will drive most of your sales. Keywords such as product names can help bring potential customers to your site that are already ready to buy. If your company is a business to business company, then you should consider trying to rank for problems that potential customers are experiencing and likely can solve by using your product or service.

Use Tools

There are many tools available online to help you with keyword selection. Don’t just make a guesstimate based on what you think your customers might type into the search engines in order to reach your sites. Instead, keyword tools can tell you which keywords are most important for your industry. Beyond that, you will also be able to find out which ones are most competitive so that you have an idea of where to spend money in order to get the most return.

While tools should not be the only resource that you use for keyword research, they should definitely not be ignored unless you are working with an SEO professional that can use the tools on your behalf. The web has both free and paid tools available for keyword research. It is up to you to determine which ones will provide you with the most value. Most SEO professionals will have already done this, so you will be able to eliminate the step by hiring an internet marketing firm to assist you instead.

Don’t Only Opt for the Most Competitive

While it may be tempting to try to outrank your competitors for every keyword that they are ranking for, the costs of doing this are likely higher than the return. In addition, you will also be missing out on the keywords that are unique to your business that will attract potential customers to your business.

Don’t Only Opt for Low Competition Keywords

While it may seem like keywords that are low competition will bring in more traffic to your site at a lower cost, the reality is that they are low competition for a reason. In most cases, keywords that are low competition keywords have received this status because they aren’t receiving a lot of traffic. By opting to rank your site for keywords that don’t receive much traffic, you will risk not meeting your campaign goals in terms of traffic. These keywords may also be considered low competition keywords because they fail to drive sales even if the amount of traffic is sufficient for consideration.

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