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SEO Myths - Infintech Designs Sep 16, 2014

Myths About SEO

Despite the fact that there are numerous sites online that cover how SEO works, there are still rumors about SEO out there that are simply not true. If you are trying to separate fact from fiction when it comes to SEO, here are some myths that simply aren’t true about SEO.

SEO Is About Tricking the Search Engines

No matter whether the SEO techniques are white hat or black hat, many people still have the idea that SEO is about tricking the search engines. This is simply not true. The basis of SEO should be to provide the user with the best possible experience and relevant content in order to benefit in terms of traffic. The search engines then are able to recognize the growing popularity of the site and are in turn able to provide that site with higher rankings. Any SEO techniques that do not fall into the category of creating a better user experience for the user should not be employed.

Link Building Is Dead

Many people seem to think that link building is no longer relevant or helpful to SEO since the latest rounds of algorithm updates from Google which targeted links. The truth is that link building is as important as it ever was. The key is to build valuable links. Creating low quality links to irrelevant sites is the type of link building that was never acceptable and has now been officially condemned by Google. Focusing on relationship building can help your business to make key connections in your industry and will also help you to obtain those high quality links that will help your site earn higher rankings in the search engines.

Social Media Has Replaced Link Building

The idea that social media has replaced link building is simply not true. While increasing your presence on the social media sites can be helpful for increasing your rankings, the bottom line is that you still need links from a variety of websites in order to rank higher in the search engines. Therefore, if your focus is to build a successful SEO campaign, don’t only focus on building up your social media presence. Seek out high quality websites and blogs for backlinks as well.

Software Can Help Your Site to Get Ahead

While using software for various parts of your SEO campaign, such as keyword research, can be beneficial, using software exclusively to manage your SEO is a mistake. SEO campaigns that are being executed by software programs are simply one step away from being destroyed by a search engine update. Instead, you should make sure that you have a team of SEO experts on your site that can help to execute your strategy. If you are trying to run a campaign with only software, then it is highly likely that you will fail because you don’t have the experienced people that you need to get the job done right.

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