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Has Content Replaced SEO - Infintech Designs Nov 29, 2014

Has Content Replaced SEO?

If you are still putting SEO ahead of your content in order to try to increase your search engine rankings with Google, you might be overlooking a better, more relevant strategy. As the rules for SEO change with every algorithm update from Google, the rules regarding SEO get even more complex. On the other hand, the rules regarding how to write content that Google will love have become clearer.

What Doesn’t Work

These days, deceptive tactics that are designed to improve PageRank simply won’t work. It is becoming more and more clear that what Google prefers is content that is high-quality, focused on the reader and is written naturally. Keyword-stuffed content and content that has no relevance to the reader, will not only hurt your conversion rates but could also hurt your ability to rank highly in the search engines.

Publish With a Reason in Mind

In addition to ensuring that your readers will connect with the content that is being published, there needs to be a reason to publish new content every time. Focus on answering questions or concerns that readers might have. Look at analytics data in order to figure out what these topics are. In addition, the content should always include a call to action. Make every piece of content have a specific outcome that you would like for your readers to following.

Increase Shareability

Part of the reason why Google loves great content is because content can be shared. Highly shared content provides automatic proof that it is high quality and relevant to its audience because of the human proof offered by sharing. You can increase the shareability of your content by adding social media icons to all of your site pages as well as directly encouraging people to share the content in the body of the post.

Establish Authority

Part of publishing great content is establishing trust with your audience. This can be done by building up your bloggers or company brand as the leaders of your industry. This will help grow your audience as well as help the search engines to realize that your company is the leading authority in the industry.

Publishing content that explores new perspectives on your industry, the latest news or in-depth introductory material can be excellent ways to quickly establish authority. Taking feedback from your readers can also help to point you in the right direction as your content marketing strategy becomes well established.

SEO Going Forward

While SEO will probably continue to evolve, the basics of SEO still remain important. Ensuring that you have validated code on your site along with proper metadata can get your site on track for ranking well in the search engines. Beyond that, your content should really set the stage for taking your website to the top of the search engines.

If you need help with revamping your content marketing strategy for people and not just SEO, Infintech Designs can help. Request for a free consultation today!

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