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Email Marketing Myths - Infintech Designs Nov 25, 2014

Email Marketing Myths

With internet marketing changes happening on a continuous basis, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. There are a number of ideas about internet marketing that are currently circling around on the web that are just simply unfounded. Here are some explanations to help you separate out the truths from the myths when it comes to email marketing.

Mornings Are the Best Time to Send Emails

It can be tempting to think that the best time to send emails is in the morning, however this is not true. A recent study done by MailChimp showed that recipients are more likely to open emails after 12 noon. In addition, the best time to send an email will depend a lot on your target audience. Just because an individual opens your email, does not mean that he or she will engage with the content. Therefore, it is essential that you figure out the best time of day for people to click and respond to the emails that you send.

Sending More Emails Will Alienate Subscribers

This is another myth about email marketing which is simply untrue. A recent study done by Hubspot indicates that as the sending frequency increases for email marketing campaigns, the number of unsubscribes levels off.

Many email marketers are worried about their emails being marked as spam if they opt to send more emails. However, the truth is that if quality content is sent that will engage the readers, the likelihood that the number of unsubscribes will increase with more frequent mailings is pretty low.

Responsive Design Is Not Necessary

As the number of mobile users viewing email marketing emails increases, responsive design has become an essential component of email marketing. It is not optional for your company to use responsive design in email marketing. Emails that utilize responsive marketing have far greater open and engagement rates than standard HTML emails.

Plain Text Emails Don’t Work

Email engagement data has revealed that plain text emails can perform just as well as emails that are heavily designed. What really engages the subscribers is the content itself. Therefore, if you want to get the best results from email marketing, focus on creating great content. If you are not sure that plain text emails will work well with your industry’s target demographic, then you should engage in a split testing campaign so that you can determine which emails are performing the best in your email marketing campaign.

At the end of the day, separating the email marketing myths and facts really require thorough testing of these various rumors. While some rules may apply across all industries, testing may indicate that some of these myths are indeed true for your business marketing.

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