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How to Create a Winning Content - Infintech Designs Sep 03, 2014

How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

If you are struggling to create a successful content marketing strategy, there are probably some adjustments that you could make to your existing campaign that would make it perform much better. If you need help and want to revamp your existing content marketing strategy, then here are some suggestions that could drastically improve your performance.

Start By Considering Which Problems You Want to Solve

Whether sales are low or you want to get more awareness out about the brand, your content marketing strategy should address specific problems. You should not be creating content simply for the sake of adding new content. By focusing on the issues that you want to solve, you can begin to think about specific types of content that will address these issues.

Figure Out How to Keep Costs In Check

While creating a content marketing strategy that solves every problem could be interesting, the bottom line is that it is not likely to be executed unless it stays on budget. If you will have to make an initial or ongoing investment in order get the strategy underway, you will need ensure that your content strategy has a defined return on investment. If your content strategy can do something like reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer, then it is much more likely that the return on the investment of the campaign will be met and the campaign will be a success.

Figure Out Who Your Buyers Are

Many companies are doing content marketing without keeping their potential buyers in mind. By figuring out exactly who you are writing to, you can ensure that the content that you create is highly target and will convert that potential buyer into a paying customer.

Figuring out who your buyers are and what type of content they prefer means doing more than simple market research. You will need to develop a buyer persona for your ideal customer.

Figure Out Where More Content Is Needed

Are there holes in your sales process? Figuring out where there are holes in your sales strategy can help you to figure out how to better create content for your audience. By providing content where your potential buyers need it most, it will make it possible for you to increase the conversion rates of your sales strategy. In this way, the initial investment for your content marketing campaign will pay off.

Stick With the Strategy

A major problem with content marketing strategies that fail is that the marketers often fail to stick with the strategy. Making a commitment to the content marketing strategy means that it will need to be executed on a set schedule. Focus on creating an editorial calendar for your content marketing strategy. After that you will need to start making sure that the proper people are in place to help you to execute the strategy on time. By making a regular commitment to the content strategy, you will be able to test just how well it is working.

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