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Top-SEO-Technical-Problems - Infintech Designs Sep 06, 2014

Top SEO Technical Problems

When it comes to SEO, most business owners are worried about what Google is doing and keeping up with the search engine algorithm updates. However, many fail to realize that their poor performance with regards to SEO could actually be the result of simple to fix technical errors. Before you question if your site is keeping up with the latest Google updates, here are some things to check.

Multiple URLS Leading to the Home Page

Many website owners don’t realize that having multiple URLs pointing to the homepage is bad for SEO. This problem can easily be resolved by redirecting extra URLs such as to the URL where the page is actually located, for example, Creating 301 redirects ensures that the value of the external links for your site is kept intact.

Missing Title Tags and Metadata

Many website owners overlook adding the meta information to their websites thinking that it is just a formality. However, title tags and other metadata are extremely important to the search engine bots that crawl your website. These bots use this information in order to figure out how to rank your page. If this information is missing then, then your site could end up getting a lower ranking than it deserves. Worse, pages on your site may take even longer than they should to be indexed due to these errors.

Duplicate Content

The SEO issues caused by duplicate content continue to be hotly debated among SEOs. However, the consensus still remains that excessive duplicate content is still bad for your site’s rankings. Having the same content appear over and over on multiple pages is hurting your site and should be removed, or at the very least rewritten so that it is unique. If your site requires that you republish content from other sources, consider consulting an expert to see how to best place the content on your site so that it does not cause issues with your site’s search engine rankings.

Corrupted Site Map

If the site map for your website has become corrupted due to errors in the site’s code or the site map has not been updated after you’ve made changes to the site, then it is likely that your site map is hurting your site’s rankings. Google and other search engines look at the site map first in order to help determine how to rank and describe your website. If this information is not up-to-date or accurate, then it is possible that some pages will not be indexed or the most important pages of your site will receive lower rankings than they should.

At the very least, you should make sure to check for technical errors with your website on a regular basis. This ensures that your website is not hurting your rankings and that any issues with your rankings are due to external reasons.

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