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Email Marketing Calendar - Infintech Designs Feb 07, 2015

Creating an Email Marketing Calendar

Creating an email marketing calendar is one of the initial steps of planning a successful email marketing campaign. An email marketing calendar should carefully schedule all of the events of the campaign, as well as, track important campaign milestones. Here is a brief overview on how to create an email marketing calendar for your email marketing campaign.

Start By Setting Goals

If you have specific goals in mind for your email marketing campaign, it is important to isolate what they are upfront. For example, if you want to increase the number of contacts, find new sales leads, or increase engagement with your company’s message, these goals should be set with a defined deadline or benchmark in mind. The goals that you have for the campaign will determine what kind of landing pages you create and what type of content should be included in the emails that you send out.

Figure Out How Often to Publish

How often you publish your email marketing newsletters will depend on your industry. Some industries such as technology and financial may opt to publish email marketing content on a quarterly basis. While other industries, such as the retail industry, may require more frequent publication.

In addition to the frequency, the order and dates of publication of your email marketing messages must be timed appropriately. This is important so that your message will reach your target audience at the times when it is most relevant to them. By carefully planning these aspects, you can increase the likelihood that the campaign will be a success.


Tracking email marketing campaigns is especially important because it can be difficult to determine how your visitors interact with your content without it. Tracking and analyzing the emails that you send out can often be done through email marketing software applications. However, in some cases, more advanced analytics software may be required in order to determine which pieces of content are most effective in achieving the goals of the campaign.

Stay Consistent

In order to see results from email marketing, it is essential that you remain consistent in your efforts. Email marketing is similar to social media in the sense that without continuous participation, your audience may be driven away by the message of your competitor. For the best results, your campaign messages should be distributed on a schedule that will allow for the constant creation of new content without overwhelming your team.

While these general steps can apply to many email marketing campaigns, your industry may require customization of this project. The best way to ensure that you incorporate the right ideas into your email marketing calendar is to work with a professional.

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