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SEM Campaign Tips - Infintech Designs Feb 03, 2015

Quick Tips for Setting Up an SEM Campaign

Setting up a search engine marking campaign can be quite difficult due to the amount of bad advice regarding SEO that is available on the web. However, there are specific practices that are guaranteed to work that you should make sure to incorporate into your strategies for the best results. Here are a few tips for setting up a search engine marketing campaign.

Start With Research

The first step to setting up a successful SEM campaign is to find out as much as possible about who you are trying to reach. Start by figuring out who your target customer and what attributes that particular type of individual is likely to have. By building a targeted campaign online, you can tap into the most specific areas that will bring you the best results.

Check Out Your Competitors

As a part of this research stage, you should also be figuring out who your competitors are. You can easily do this by searching Google using keywords that are important for your industry. Then you should take a look at the companies that pop up in the search and look at how these companies are reaching their target audiences.

Budget and Plan

The next step is to figure out your budget and create a plan. It can be easy to just want to get started with internet marketing. However, figuring out the exact costs can help marketing dollars to be used more effectively. In addition, the campaign will be more results focused since the return will be expected on the funds put into the campaign.

As a part of the plan, marketing activities should also be set up on a schedule. Sticking to a schedule ensures that campaign goals are met and the campaign will stay on budget. In addition, schedules help to ensure that your marketing efforts remain consistent throughout the course of the campaign. By maintaining a consistent marketing schedule, you can be assured that the analytics data resulting from the campaign is reliable and can be used for modeling future campaigns.

Build Landing Pages for the Campaign

As a part of the planning process, you must determine exactly where to send the traffic. Create landing pages that are focused on a specific offer or share content such as a video or infographic for best results. Sending visitors to your homepage is not recommended since these visitors will likely not be given a clear action to take on that page. Pages that have a clear single call to action tend to perform the best when it comes to search marketing campaigns.

Hire an Expert

If you are just getting started with your search engine marketing campaign, an agency can help guide you in the right direction. If you would like to request a free quote for search engine marketing services, click here to get in touch with Infintech Designs.

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