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Internet Marketing Campaign Mistakes - Infintech Designs Jan 31, 2015

Internet Marketing Campaign Killing Mistakes

Internet marketing requires a dedicated effort in order to achieve success. That said, companies can make giant mistakes that can cost the success of the campaign. Achieving success with internet marketing is all about figuring out what works the best as quickly as possible. In order to do this, companies need to put campaign controls into place. Here are a few internet marketing campaign killing mistakes that businesses should avoid.


Procrastination can come in many forms. Whether it is failing to draw up a plan for the campaign before getting started, monitoring the campaign with analytics tools, or regularly tweaking the campaign in order to obtain better to results, all of these can result in serious consequences. The best things that businesses can do are to figure out what is needed for success in advance and to stay on top of campaigns as they run.

Procrastination can also be avoided by making sure that the right team members are in place to handle the campaigns. Campaigns can fail when there are simply aren’t enough individuals available to handle all of the tasks that are required. Adding staff members to handle campaign tasks or outsourcing the campaign to a reputable¬† internet marketing company are surefire ways to ensure that the work gets done on schedule and as specified. In addition, marketing automation tools can provide the help that is needed in cases where budget restraints restrict the company’s ability to bring on more staff members.

Making Assumptions

While small businesses may need to make certain assumptions about their campaign targets due to lack of data, assumption making can quickly lead to failure. Assumptions can result in failure because they can lead the company to focus on the wrong types of advertising for their campaigns. In addition, these assumptions can also lead to failing to build the right type of relationships.

Tracking campaigns as they run and getting access to market research data can help to eliminate potential marketing campaign assumptions that can result in failure. With the plethora of tools available today to help companies make sense of their markets, the impact of assumption making on campaign outcomes can be significantly reduced.

Not Putting Campaign Caps into Place

When it comes to advertising online, companies should have a clear idea of where their budgets for failure end. Every campaign should have caps in place to deal with losses. Without these caps, entire budgets can disappear quickly without the opportunity to make changes that would result in better conversion rates.

Companies must establish benchmarks for success so that changes can be made when these benchmarks are not being achieved. Campaign caps offer the best way to control marketing expenses while increasing the possibilities that benchmarks will be met.

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