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Month: January 2015

Online Marketing

Internet Marketing Campaign Killing Mistakes

Internet marketing requires a dedicated effort in order to achieve success. That said, companies can make giant mistakes that can cost the success of the campaign. Achieving success with internet marketing is all about figuring out what works the best as quickly as possible. In order to do this, companies need to put campaign controls into place. Here are a few internet marketing campaign killing

Marketing campaign boost

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Online Marketing Campaign

When businesses use social media, they often have very different reasons for how they want to utilize the exposure that they receive. Here are a few ways in which businesses can use social media marketing to promote longer terms goals that go beyond simply trying to make sales immediately. Send Traffic to Your Website and Blog Social media followers don't only have to come to your


How to Design Marketing Emails for Mobile Devices

When businesses design email marketing campaigns, too many of them still think of their mobile visitors as an afterthought. To do this is to ignore the huge increases that have been seen in recent years of people using mobile devices for shopping and checking email. If you want your company to take better advantage of the mobile visitors that it already receives, designing emails that are better

Mobile Marketing – Buying Decisions Happen on Mobile for 60% of Consumers

Mobile marketing has boomed and almost 60% of most target markets make the most of their mobile gadgets when trying to purchase online, particularly when looking for places to eat, automobiles, telecom solutions, and entertainment. This is according to the most recent study made by Telmetrics and xAd in the 3rd annual report from Mobile Path-to-Purchase. This is expected due to the


SEO Trends for Ecommerce Businesses in 2015

The year 2014 has brought a lot of changes to the practice of SEO, especially with the numerous updates from Google. As 2014, comes to a close many ecommerce businesses are evaluating what happened this year and what they should do next. If your business wants to stay on top of SEO in 2015, there are a number of trends that should be followed. Here are the top SEO trends for ecommerce businesses

Email Marketing Campaign

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Email marketing continues to perform highly as one of the top marketing channels that online marketers use to communicate with potential customers and industry contacts. In addition, mobile devices are continuously used to access emails and other content, such as social media content. So as a marketer, you should be doing as much as possible to reach customers via email. Here are some tips to

SEO Content Marketing

Rules of SEO for Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, the rules of SEO still apply. It is essential for content marketers to make sure that they use basic SEO strategies properly if they want to increase visibility in organic search results. Here are a few tips for optimizing content for SEO to improve your content marketing results. Use of Keyword Phrases Incorporating keyword phrases in to content

Internet Marketing Terminilogy

Must Know Internet Marketing Terminology

Most small business owners spend their time focusing on their customers and delivering the best possible products and services. However, how many business owners really take the time to understand the terms used by reliable SEO firms and internet marketing companies? Understanding more about internet marketing can help business owners to better understand how and why internet marketing

Social Media

Creating Value With Social Media

Social media marketing can be expensive to implement and the various degrees of success really depend on who is managing the campaign. If you want to create a social media campaign that will offer high returns on your investment, there are a few things that you need to make sure to achieve in order for this to happen. Here are some tips on how to create brand-boosting value with your social

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