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SEO Trends for Ecommerce Businesses - Infintech Designs Jan 17, 2015

SEO Trends for Ecommerce Businesses in 2015

The year 2014 has brought a lot of changes to the practice of SEO, especially with the numerous updates from Google. As 2014, comes to a close many ecommerce businesses are evaluating what happened this year and what they should do next. If your business wants to stay on top of SEO in 2015, there are a number of trends that should be followed. Here are the top SEO trends for ecommerce businesses in 2015.

Mobile SEO

With the use of mobile devices on the rise, the number of customers that opt to make purchases using these device has also increased. Therefore, ecommerce companies need to be prepared to cater to these mobile customers. This is where mobile SEO comes in and is guaranteed to be a major trend for ecommerce companies in 2015. Companies should focus on optimizing their mobile websites for excellent user experiences. Page speed is an important priority to consider since sites tend to load slower on mobile devices.

Try Local SEO

As more ecommerce companies expand their internet marketing strategies, companies are much more likely to utilize local SEO. Customers have demonstrated that they will prioritize local shopping results if the option in more convenient or offers a cheaper price. Therefore, companies that need to stand out in order to make the sale should give local SEO a shot.

Skip the Unethical Tactics

In 2014, company after company was outed by Google for attempting to manipulate search engine rankings. As Google continues to develop its search engine algorithm, companies will no longer be able to game the search engines. This means that black hat and grey hat strategies that were previously used to get ahead in the search engines may no longer work. This is why it is important that ecommerce companies focus on white hat tactics that are approved by Google for getting ranked. Leaving black hat and grey hat strategies alone is a much better idea, especially for companies that won’t be able to recover from the fallout if something happens.

Focus on Content Creation

Content marketing has really emerged as a main driver of user engagement and sales. In 2015, ecommerce companies that want to be successful need to focus on creating better content that really attracts customers’ attention. In addition, now that content marketing has evolved beyond writing with keywords in mind, marketers can really focus on appealing to customers’ emotional desires and needs to craft content that is perfectly tailored to them.

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