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Email Marketing Campaign Performance - Infintech Designs Jan 13, 2015

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Email marketing continues to perform highly as one of the top marketing channels that online marketers use to communicate with potential customers and industry contacts. In addition, mobile devices are continuously used to access emails and other content, such as social media content. So as a marketer, you should be doing as much as possible to reach customers via email. Here are some tips to help improve the performance of your email marketing campaign.

Start With Better Subject Lines

When a potential customer or contact sees an email from your business, he or she has to make a split-second decision as to whether to delete or read that email. In the cases of many marketers, the first instinct is to delete that email. Therefore, it is important that your email’s subject line be as enticing and relevant to the reader as possible. Focus on providing relevance and avoid making email subject lines sound like they are selling something for the best results.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation can help to determine which are the best times to reach out to your potential customers. Like social media, most email users have specific times when they are more likely to engage with your content. These times can be specific times of the day or they can also be after specific events. Marketing automation can help to isolate these times in order to provide a better return of investment on your email marketing campaign.


Every email that is sent should always be as targeted as possible to that potential reader. This targeting can even extend to the call to action that is being provided in that email. As you work to figure out how you can get people to achieve the action that you want them to take, you can ensure that they do by personalizing the content. Content personalization has been proven to dramatically increase engagement rates. However, what is important is that personalization is used carefully because when done incorrectly (i.e. writing the wrong name in an email) can have detrimental effects on brand trust.

Go for Responsive Design

It has already been proven that responsive design is essential for websites. However, since over half of emails are opened on a mobile device, responsive design is equally as important for emails. While layout might be harder to control with the various mobile devices available, many email marketing providers are offering responsive layouts for their emails.

If you need assistance with developing a better converting email marketing strategy, Infintech Designs can help. Request assistance with your email marketing campaign today!

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