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Rules of SEO - Infintech Designs Jan 10, 2015

Rules of SEO for Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, the rules of SEO still apply. It is essential for content marketers to make sure that they use basic SEO strategies properly if they want to increase visibility in organic search results. Here are a few tips for optimizing content for SEO to improve your content marketing results.

Use of Keyword Phrases

Incorporating keyword phrases in to content marketing content is still an important strategy to use. While things have become a little bit more complicated since the early days of the search engines, they are still essential.

Using keyword phrases should begin with making sure that the phrase is used in the title of the content. Make sure that the keyword phrase fits naturally into the content in order to prevent loss of engagement from readers due to a poorly-worded title.

When it comes to using keywords in the content, content marketers should focus on creating the best quality content. Since the latest Google updates, keyword density has become more and more of a target by Google as a method of determining spam. Therefore, if keywords are used in the content, they should be used sparingly and always within the appropriate context.

The Length of the Content

There has been much debate regarding the length of content and SEO. While some SEO experts swear by a specific length, the right length for your content really depends on where the majority of your traffic is coming from. Your target audience also has an effect on selecting the right length for your content.

If you are planning to select your content based on what your audience prefers and the data exists to back up your assumption, then it is best to work with what you have already decided. However, if your goal is to discover organic traffic from the search engines, then it might be best to stick with the general rules that have been recommended by online marketing experts. These days, the recommended length for content has increased to a longer length because of the changes that were previously made to Google’s algorithms during the Panda update.

Building Links

While much has been said about paid links, building links is still an important part of content marketing. Creating inbound links is good place to start and should always be followed by ethically encouraging other sites to share your content.

By combining these basic strategies for SEO, you can dramatically improve the results of your content marketing campaign. If you need assistance with getting better results, Infintech Designs can help. Click here to request a quote for content marketing services today!

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