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Customers Ignore Your Marketing Emails - Infintech Designs Dec 23, 2014

Why Customers Ignore Your Email Marketing Emails

Online customers are notorious for ignoring email marketing emails, unless it contains something that they are really, really interested in. Unfortunately, many online marketers either can’t figure out what the “it” factor is for email marketing or they simply believe that low response rates are normal. If you are wondering why your customers are ignoring your email marketing emails, here are a few reasons that might surprise you.

Subject Lines and Copy

Many customers ignore email marketing emails simply because the contain bad copy. Nobody wants to open an email that they assume will be boring and not relevant to them. To encourage customers to read your email marketing emails, make sure that the subject lines are exciting and enticing. Finally, make sure to deliver on whatever promises your subject line offers so that customers can start to trust that you will give them exactly what they want and need.

Insert Images

Many email marketing emails are sent in either text only versions or HTML emails that lack graphics. If you want to encourage your readers to engage more with your emails, try inserting graphics or investing in high quality templates that will make every email a pleasure to read. You may find that once your emails are more visually enticing to read, your followers will begin to pay more attention.

Repeating Yourself

If you find that your email marketing subscribers aren’t opening or responding to your emails, it could likely be because you are repeating yourself over and over. Email marketing should not simply be an endless barrage of deals and discounts, nor should it be a reposting of your blog’s content. If you are finding that you are continuously reposting the variations of the same content, that is likely why your readers are not engaged with your email marketing content.

Don’t Forget Your Name!

With the huge number of spam and scam emails that circle the globe each day, many customers are skeptical of responding or even opening an email that they can’t readily identify who it is from. Make sure that your company name or your personal name appears clearly in the from line of the email. You should also make sure that every email includes a signature line and link back to your website so that your users can look up your company with ease.

Ignoring Feedback

After you start to build a following, your users will likely respond and tell you what they do and do not like. This will also be indicated by the number of unsubscribes that your list receives on a daily basis. It is important that you listen closely if your followers provide feedback. By working with your followers, you can increase engagement with your follower and avoid having your email marked as spam.

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