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Top-Content-Marketing-Trends-for-2015 - Infintech Designs Dec 20, 2014

Top Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content marketing has evolved rapidly to become a top priority for internet marketers in 2014. This year has seen a major shift away from the focus on SEO as the most important component of online marketing to the rise of content marketing. Almost all B2B firms currently use content marketing and there are several definite trends that are likely to emerge in 2015. Here are the top content marketing trends for 2015 that are set to become major strategies for the major brands that utilize content marketing.

Interactive Content

The demand for interactive content will increase as 2015 arrives. These days brands are focusing on driving sales by increasing user engagement. This means that brands will be using more and more interactive content in order to add customer involvement into the sales cycle. Drip marketing is one method that brands are using to create engagement by finding out what customer preferences are and sending content based only on those preferences.

Multi-Channel Content

Another trend in content marketing for the new year is the result of the fact that internet marketing is become a multi-channel endeavor. Users interact with brands across a variety of platforms including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, touch screens and more. Instead of focusing on tailoring the content experience to a particular device, brands are increasingly focusing on creating content that can be used across multiple channels. One simultaneous, user-driven experience is the goal regardless of the device that the target user opts to use to access the content.

Content Marketing In-Person

Content marketing is starting to emerge as an option for offline marketing. Companies are now trending towards building content experiences that can be utilized at in-person events. These in-person events include tradeshows and sales demonstrations where content can be used to help potential customers understand how the company can create solutions.

Reusing Content

The trend for reusing content will continue to grow in 2015 as the cost of content marketing becomes a larger percentage of the average company’s online marketing budget. In reusing content, companies are seeking not to duplicate previously released content and instead repurpose the content so that it can be used on a different platform or to target a specific type of customer. With this move, companies will be able to better control content marketing costs while being able to reap the benefits of content that has been proven to be effective at reaching the requested target audience.

In 2015, the importance of content marketing as an essential marketing tool will only continue to grow. Marketers can also expect that more trends will appear as the most productive strategies for content marketing are revealed.

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