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Determining Your Budget For A Custom Web Design

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Business website owners can’t find a definitive guide to the cost of custom web design on the Internet or at least, not the true cost because it tends to vary from one company to another. The best that you can do is come up with an estimate of the actual cost. This is possible, however, only through examination of the various factors that would impact the overall web design cost.

The most critical step in determining your web design budget is to first determine your marketing budget. This will vary depending on which industry you belong in. However, experts suggest that it should not exceed 12% of your business’ gross sales. This cost should cover all activities aimed to market and promote your brand, which includes search engine optimization, web design, logo design, business card printing, and other types of internet marketing.

The cost for custom web design is on an entirely new plane, though. Although it might be more expensive than traditional forms of web design services, it pays to go that extra mile. Consider it as if you are building your brand because that is what the website should be all about. Your website is the first thing that your prospects see. And from the appearance of your website, they will be able to create the first impression on your business. In most cases, they use it as a barometer on what action they should take on the next step. When planning for your business’ website design, make sure that you look at the entire scope of branding.

Aside from branding, identifying the budget for your custom web design must also take into account your business needs. There are several components that your business needs to work on, such as  a sitemap, home page design and layout, flash animation, e-mail template, interactive subpage template, copywriting, online conversion forms, landing pages, an internal search engine, and search engine optimization. These are all vital components that should be present at the same time to ensure maximum results. From this list, you can get an idea on what you need to do to establish a website that is going to generate revenues for you in the long run.

The pricing on custom web design across various companies can vary largely. But make sure that all of the services provided by your chosen company will match the guidelines stated above to make it a worthy option.

Naturally, the bigger your business is, the larger the budget required to market and promote it. There is also more comprehensive coding and CMS implementation involved with a large website, especially since it requires a large server as there is probably a huge amount of traffic coming into the site on a regular basis. A full service custom design on your website can cost up to $10,000 or $30,000, depending on what other services are provided. The number of pages on your website must also be taken into account because it can cause the price to go up or down. In addition, incorporating interactive features into the site can also make a huge impact on final pricing.

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