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Build an Audience for Your Blog - Infintech Designs Feb 16, 2016

Why Is It So Difficult to Build an Audience for Your Blog?

If you have been trying to build an audience for your blog, you may have found that it has been more difficult than you originally imagined. For the majority of businesses, building a blog is no easy task so don’t feel discouraged. Here are some reasons why it is so difficult to build an audience for your blog and what you can do about it.

There Is Only So Much Content That People Can Consume

With a 24 hour per day news cycle and constant interruptions throughout the day, people are more distracted than ever. Each interaction on social media exposes people to thousands of pieces of content at any given time. If you are trying to get your blog content noticed ahead of all of these distractions, this is a simple reason why that is the case.

There Are Others Who Do A Better Job

Your competitors or other industry-leading companies are likely to have a larger budget for content creation than your company does. As a result, it is easier for these companies to do a better job at content creation. When you create content for your business, focus on adding a unique perspective to the content that you create. This can help to keep your content from getting lost among similar pieces of content because readers know that you are likely only offering a copy of the other content that is out there.

You Are Not the First

As the first to publish content on a particular topic, your business will have a strategic advantage. However, if you are leaving it up to the well-established industry players to do the research first, you are losing your advantage as a content creator. Instead of waiting for others to define the trends, make your business stand out by reporting on the trends first. Being a leader when it comes to content creation can help you to brand your business as an authority in your industry.

Keep Making Changes

As you grow your blog, you should keep making changes until you find a formula that works. It doesn’t make sense to stick with a content strategy that is not working for your business. Check your analytics data regularly to see how your blog’s content is performing and adjust accordingly. In the process, you will be able to learn more about the preferences of your target audience for the best results.

Your Focus Isn’t on Creating Quality Content

Too many businesses prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to content creation. This is the wrong approach because it shows your audience that you don’t really care about what you publish as long as you are publishing something. In addition, it also leaves the door wide open for someone to come in and do a better job on the topic of your post then you did.

Creating quality content will not only earn you better search engine thanks to Google’s core algorithm update, but it will also draw in readers as they realize that your business is the true authority on a particular topic. In addition, quality content has the potential to become evergreen content that will continue to draw in traffic and shares for years to come.

Are you having trouble building an audience for your blog? If you need assistance with getting more traffic to your blog, Infintech Designs can help. Contact us today to request a free quote and audit of your current email marketing strategy.

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