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Dominating the Keywords in Your Niche Might be Easier than You Think

The main source of traffic to most websites is the search engines, making the keyword tags that you are using one of the most important aspects of your web design. Most niches would have a set of keywords that are used by the majority of websites to describe their content, and competition for the front page of the SERPs for these keywords can be very high. Even so, it is possible to dominate the SERPs for the keywords in your niche and it might even be easier than you realize.

The first thing that you will need to know is how competitive the use of your keywords is, and how many people are using them as search terms. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a free online service that allows you to dissect the keywords that you are using. This allows you to enter either a list of the keywords that you are targeting, or the URL for your website, and it will produce a set of statistics for the keywords that you have chosen. These statistics show you how many searches are performed on Google every month for those keywords and how many websites are already competing with you for them. While it will usually show you that your chosen keywords are highly in demand, it also produces a list of associated keywords, and among them there are often useful tags that have very little competition for them and which you could use to support your main keyword choices.

If your chosen set of keywords does happen to be highly sought after, then the strategy to adopt for dominating them is to compete for them. The search engines are always looking for the freshest information to rank highly in its SERPs, and so a campaign of making regular posts tagged with your keywords will improve your place in them. Take a look at the websites that are currently turning up on the first couple of pages of the SERPs and see how fresh their material is. Often there are several listings that date back a couple of years and only a few sites are actually competing actively for a position for those particular keywords. In this case making a series of regular posts will probably knock one of the older pages out of the SERPs in favor of your newer content.

Because the search engines are becoming more semantic with every algorithm update, there are other ways to build a good ranking in the SERPs than just building keyword depth into all of your content. Links from social media are becoming much more influential in the calculation of page rank, and using your keywords in the links that you post on Facebook and Twitter, especially if you have a healthy rate of engagement with your followers, can give you an SEO boost in your niche.

Images are also important indicators to the search engines of the quality of your content and tagging them with the appropriate keywords is something that is often overlooked. Taking the time to make sure that all of the components of your website are contributing to the SEO could be enough to give your page an edge over those of your competitors who haven’t. Of course the foundation of all good SEO is to have valuable content available, but doing everything possible to optimize it is just as important if you want to build your page rank. For advice on how to improve your page rank for your keywords, talk to about your SEO options and start competing for the best keywords in your niche now.

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