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Month: June 2012

How Google’s Penguin Update Has Influenced Content

As a part of Google’s continued efforts to eliminate webspam from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), they have focused on promoting sites that have high quality content and penalizing websites that offer a lesser user experience. A lot of the focus has been on the quality of the links that sites are using. Several of the less reputable article directories are no longer contributing to SEO

Choosing Effective Outbound Links For Your Blog

Since January 2011 when Google made its much feted Panda update, the subject of links on websites has been hotly debated amongst SEO analysts. When Matt Cutts announced the Penguin algorithm update1 he specifically mentioned that Google would be targeting unnatural links, further focusing the spotlight on the kinds of links that contribute to SEO and the links that will attract an over

AdWords New Auction Insights Report

Internet advertising is almost overwhelmed by statistics. There are all sorts of metrics supplied by which marketers can measure the effectiveness of their individual ad campaigns and many of them are excellent tools for fine-tuning your online CPC or CPM ads according to Infintech Designs - experts when it comes to PPC marketing in New Orleans. While the statistics that have been available have

What Does The Google Places Integration With Google+ Mean For Your Business?

At the end of May Google integrated all of its Google Places pages into Google+ under the guise of the new update to their social media site called Google+ Local. What this means is that all of their Places listings have been changed into a Google+ Local page and Google+ users have had a ‘Local’ tab added to the list of Google+ options in the left hand column of the site. For the 2 million

Facebook’s Advertising Challenge

With all of the excitement lately about Facebook’s IPO and the real value of the company on the stock market, Facebook’s earning potential has come under the microscope and many people are now questioning the value of their marketing on the site. In May General Motors cut their Facebook advertising campaign by $10 million saying that their ads on Facebook had little impact on their

Pinterest Drives Online Sales

Pinterest has only been around for a couple of years and it is still necessary to obtain an invite in order to join the site. It is a Web 2.0 site acting as a virtual pin board that allows users to display images on their page on the site where they can be viewed by other Pinterest members who may then ‘re-pin’ them on their own ‘boards’. Because Pinterest is an image based social media

Cyber Spring Cleaning – Maintaining Your Company Website

With many of the recent changes to the search engine algorithms like Google’s Curlup update earlier this year, the freshness of the content on a website has become increasingly important to the page’s ranking in the SERPs1. There has been a shift from identifying old content that attracted steady traffic as being an authoritative source of information, towards content that is newer or that

Dominating the Keywords in Your Niche Might be Easier than You Think

The main source of traffic to most websites is the search engines, making the keyword tags that you are using one of the most important aspects of your web design. Most niches would have a set of keywords that are used by the majority of websites to describe their content, and competition for the front page of the SERPs for these keywords can be very high. Even so, it is possible to dominate the

Can Facebook’s Real Time Metrics Measure Your ROI More Effectively?

In early March, Facebook updated its Insights analytical tool so that it can now render statistics in real time. This has made it possible to see within minutes what the results of making a new post or adding a like button to a blog post has been. With the current focus on finding the metrics that indicate the ROI of social media marketing, will a real time analysis really tell you if you are

How to Know If You Are Spending Too Much Time on Facebook

The torrent of users’ statistics for Facebook has shown us recently that we have become addicted to social networking. Recent academic studies of Facebook users have indicated that it may be more addictive than smoking and drinking1and 26% of people surveyed said that they felt ill at ease if they didn’t log on to the site regularly2. Users are spending an average of 75 minutes on the site

Ten Pro Tips For Creating A Great Blog

Blogging has become one of the most popular online activities with almost 80% of the current blogs having come online in the past five years1. This growth in the number of blogs means that the blogosphere has become a very competitive place. In order to succeed your blog has to be great, not mediocre. There are many pro-bloggers online that give advice on how to create the sort of blog that will

Plan To Build Your Blog Traffic

One in four of all websites is a blog1 and so it isn’t really surprising that seven out of ten internet users read them2. Most bloggers consider the number of unique visitors to their website as the main way to measure success, but even with more than 800 million potential readers, bloggers still have to work very hard to attract traffic to their websites. In order to build a following for your

Optimizing Your Small Business For The Web

Small businesses can gain a lot of value out of marketing themselves on the internet, but in order to get the most out of their online promotions, they need to integrate their internet marketing into their everyday operations. Because online marketing is about making connections and building relationships with your customers, smaller businesses that can be more personal in their approach can even

Should You Be More Invested In Google+?

Since its launch in mid 2011 Google+ has failed to measure up to the predictions that many made about it being a contender with the social media giant Facebook. Changes to the site early on had many users talking about Google having gone live with it before it was ready, and the slow sign up rate of new memberships has seen it floundering, with many online commentators calling the site a ghost

Ten Mobile Internet Statistics That Should Convince You Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

The boom in recent years in the use of mobile devices has changed the way that people use the internet. It is estimated that there are now 1.2 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions1 worldwide. Many users use their smart phones to access the internet from wherever they are as a part of their purchasing process, with 58% of people2 now routinely researching products or services online. If

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