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Email Marketing Strategy Shouldnt Only Focus on Sales - Infintech Designs Apr 30, 2016

Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Shouldn’t Only Focus on Sales

When it comes to email marketing, you may be focused on using your campaign to drive direct sales. However, there are other potential benefits to email marketing besides using your campaign to drive sales. Email marketing can also be used to help build your brand. Here’s why your email marketing strategy shouldn’t only focus on sales.

Developing Exclusive Content

Many businesses send newsletters that have information that is not necessarily posted to the company website. These newsletters include industry news, links, and opinions that only newsletter subscribers can enjoy. By doing so businesses are creating an exclusive publication that has a loyal following.

By developing a newsletter that is distinct from the rest of the content that your business publishes, you can use this engagement to learn more about what your email marketing audience wants from your business. Your audience will be happy to participate in the discovery process because they’ll feel like they are in an ongoing conversation with your business. When your business needs leads or referrals, you can then turn to your newsletter subscribers for help.

Go Further on Specific Topics

Having a newsletter enables you to segment your audience so that you can discuss specific topics. Since this isn’t always possible with a website, you can actually dedicate all of your newsletter mailings to a specific topic. You may find that there are areas of your business that could use more development because there is significant interest from a segment of your audience. While you may have started the newsletter segment just to start a discussion, you may actually uncover a way to grow your business.

Promote Upcoming Events

Rather than selling directly, you can use your newsletter to promote upcoming events. By getting people interested in upcoming product launches, seminars or other events, you may actually be able to increase the turnout later on much more than if you had just used the newsletter to sell the product or service directly.

These days, it takes more than a sales letter to get people to buy. You need to build relationships and trust before people are likely to try something that is new to the market. In addition, by starting the conversation earlier, you have a chance to address any concerns or objections that your audience might have to buying.

Invite Influencers

Using email marketing to build relationships with influencers can dramatically increase the reach of your emails as you share them with others. In fact, sharing is probably one of the most important benefits of using email marketing as you want to get the greatest possible reach for the content that you create, as well as, grow your subscribers. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use email marketing in a more creative way than you ever done before. You might just benefit more than you expected to.

Track Your Progress

As you build your email marketing strategy, make sure that you track how users interact with your newsletter and compare your findings to your site visitors. Are visitors in the same demographics? Are there pages on your site that interest online site visitors but not your email marketing subscribers? Is it possible for you to dedicate a portion of your website to the topics that you discuss in your email newsletter? All of these questions and more are things that you should consider as you develop and track your email marketing efforts.

What ideas will you use to boost your email marketing strategy? If you need professional email marketing services, contact Infintech Designs now.

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